Waxing After Care Tips
5 Waxing After Care Tips: Secret For Long-Lasting Smooth Skin

Once you have undergone a foreboding waxing treatment, you may give a sigh of relief assuming that everything is done but there’s still a lot to do in order to maintain the smoothness of your skin for a long time. Every individual would love to enjoy the buttery-soft skin post a waxing appointment and for that, all you need to do is to follow some incredible post waxing care tips.

No matter how much you have splurged on undergoing waxing from a professional beauty salon of repute, if you don’t adhere to some basic post-waxing care tips, your investment and effort won’t yield results. To curb the risk of skin infections, itchiness, rashes, bumps, redness and ingrown hair, these 5 proven waxing after-care tips are a must to follow!

full body waxing prices
full body waxing prices

Choose Comfortable Clothing

It might feel good to enjoy the buttery-soft effect post waxing sensitive areas such as armpits or bikini line but if you don’t choose suitable clothing after undergoing the treatment, you might end up with itchiness, or severe skin irritations. Experts offering full body waxing in Brimbank recommend putting on a pair of cotton tee or sweatpants to ensure your sensitive areas don’t get irritated or rubbed unnecessarily.

Avoid Immediate Exfoliation

While exfoliating is good for skin, however, that doesn’t necessarily call for exfoliation immediately after undergoing waxing treatment. The reason is, it might be counterproductive and lead to irritation, rashes and bumps. Instead, you can choose to exfoliate skin before waxing as it can help you open pores and make ingrown hair accessible, thereby, make waxing less painful.

Avoid Working Out or Hitting the Gym

It’s better to stay away from intense workouts or avoid the gym for a couple of days post waxing as sweat can further irritate skin and lead to various skin infections over time. Friction during workouts can hurt skin badly and cause unwanted irritations. For women, sweating post undergoing waxing treatment can disturb the PH level and hence, it’s better to skip workouts for a few days.

Select Your Skincare Products Wisely

Skin nourishment and maintenance are a must post hair removal however, you need to be a bit selective while choosing skincare products to avoid unwanted skin infections. Dump any moisturising lotion, creams or toiletry items containing artificial colors as these ingredients can irritate the skin pores and make you vulnerable to redness or irritations. As an alternative to regular skin care products, you can choose any ‘wax-friendly’ body wash which is specially designed to curb skin irritations post waxing.

Avoid Direct Exposure to Sun

Professional salon specialists offering full body waxing in Brimbank always recommend clients to avoid going out on sunny days especially after the first 48hours post waxing treatment. That’s because sensitive skin is vulnerable to UV rays and may undergo significant damage or hyperpigmentation. However, if situation demands you to step outside in hot and humid days, you must put on protective clothing and apply sunscreen lotions to ensure your newly waxed skin don’t get burnt or damaged.

Waxing Service
Waxing Service

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