5 Ways a Masseur Makes a “Hot Stone Massage” a Blissful One

The Native Americans used hot stones that were warmed by fire to relieve aching muscles. This practice continued through the years, and today, hot stone massage became even more popular.

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage wherein the therapist uses heated smooth stones by rubbing or putting them on the client’s body. The heat coming from the stones offers deep relaxation and warms up tight muscles to allow the therapist to work more quickly and deeper.


There are many benefits associated with hot stone massage, which include the following:

  • Relieve muscle pain, tension, and spasm and improve muscle relaxation
  • Enhances skin appearance and releases toxins
  • Significantly reduces anxiety and stress
  • Improves energy flow and blood circulation
  • Helps promote better sleep
  • Helps create a sense of warmth and comfort
  • Helps manage and reduce stress
  • Helps relieve autoimmune disease symptoms
  • Helps decrease cancer symptoms
  • Helps increase joint flexibility

What It Takes to Have a Rejuvenating and Blissful Massage Session

In hot stone massage, the therapist uses basalt stones primarily because of their numerous properties such as their smoothness, non-porosity, and ability of retaining heat longer compared to other stone types.

These wonderful stones come in various sizes. To perform certain massage strokes, the therapist puts smaller tooling stones. For longer treatment, she will place the bigger placement stones at a single part of the body.

The therapist gives gentle and slow strokes in such a way that the patient feels comforted, calm, and grounded. There are therapists who also use the body’s meridians or energy lines to put hot stones for the energy work. By doing this, energy movement known as chi or qi is stimulated. This ten eliminates the effects of stress to facilitate healing.

Hot stone massage also helps release toxins, relieves pain, and improves circulation. People who enjoyed massage with heat get a lot of healing properties that make them want to come back for more.

Things to Keep in Mind

Before you undergo hot stone massage, it is a must to completely inform your therapist regarding your medical conditions as well as how your body will reacts to certain external stimuli. Different conditions like hypertension, pregnancy, diabetes, cardiac problems, or other medical concerns must be shared with the therapist for her to assess whether you are suitable for a hot stone massage or not.

Some conditions of the skin like rashes, psoriasis, and eczema can also worsen with heat. Aside from that, it is best to stay away from heat if you are currently taking medications which can cause skin hypersensitivity like antibiotics. Heat must never be applied on open wounds, inflammation, infected skin conditions or varicose veins. You must also be extra careful with numb areas.


Hot stone massage is a practice that can offer a long list of benefits and exceptional relaxation and enjoyment. Always choose the best therapist to get the results you deserve.