7 Things to be Aware of While Getting Your First Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is one of the popular and adored ways of getting rid of unwanted hair from the bikini area. Women, more so those under the age of 50, love this form of waxing and would go for miles to have it done. However, those who are aspiring to undergo Brazilian waxing for the first time remain a bit sceptical.

Here on this page, we now discuss a few things that you need to be aware of if you are getting waxed the Brazilian way for the first time.

Waxing is Always a Better Option Than Shaving

When you go for waxing, the rate of the growth of hair keeps getting slower and slower. Besides, terminal or androgenic hair, which is abundant in the bikini area, and which is coarser than the Vellus hair, keeps getting thinner and thinner. After a few sessions, your bikini area will stop growing those androgenic hairs, thereby making the skin smoother and finer.

On the other hand, when you shave, it will instigate further growth of hair, and the hair start getting coarser and darker. Besides, discomfort out of razor burns as well as ingrown hair increases by manifold because of shaving. From that point of view, undergoing a private waxing service is always a much better option.

Brazilian Waxing is Safe For All

Waxing is always a much safer and more hygienic way of getting rid of unwanted hair. However, if you have still any doubt regarding the safety of the method, you can consult your doctor before taking the final decision.

Deciding Upon the Ideal Hair Length

There is no thumb rule regarding the ideal length of hair that you ought to maintain when you get to the best waxing service provider in Melbourne. However, as per the thumb rule, the ideal length will be 5 to 6 mm. In case you are a regular shaver, you need to wait for at least 3 weeks, before you opt for your first bikini waxing stint.

Things to do Before The First Session

The first and foremost thing to do is….RELAX!! For making the process enjoyable, you need to relax, and…

  • Indulge in a warm shower, as it will open up the pores well.
  • Using a loofah for exfoliating the skin is always a good option. It will also prevent ingrown hair.
  • Avoid gels, lotions as well as oils before the waxing, as it will interfere into the hair removal process
  • Do not tan 24 hours prior to waxing
  • Take a hard look at your skin to ensure you do not have any cut, scrapes, skin tags or moles.

The Pain Factor – is It Painful?

Brazilian waxing is absolutely free. The best waxing facilities will use hard wax for the more sensitive areas. This is because hard wax will only adhere to the hair, but not to the skin.

TO-DO Things After the Session

Once you are done, it is best using after-wax lotions along with the exfoliators, which will keep the skin smooth and tender and free from ingrown hair and bumps.

NOT-TO-DO Things After Session

Avoid long exposure to hear for at least one or two days, and during this period after the waxing, the skin remains prone to burning.

So you see, there are so many things to know about Brazilian waxing. That is the reason you need to opt for a quality spa that has been providing this service for long.

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