Chinese Massage Therapy
A Few Facts and Benefits of the Chinese Massage Therapy in Footscray

Chinese massage therapy can be categorised under the Chinese traditional medicine and is popularly called ‘Tuina’. In this type of massage specific pressure points of the body is targeted by the therapist to cure different types of ailments and to alleviate pain.

Today, this type of massage has become quite popular and many salons and spa in Melbourne and its suburbs such as Footscray are now providing this type of massage therapy.

So, How the Chinese Massage Therapy Works?

In the ‘Tuina’ massage in Footscray, the therapist will emphasise on maintaining the balance and harmony of the body. And to achieve harmony, the therapist will use a variety of techniques to remove the blockages that cause different types of illnesses.

Furthermore, the therapists will focus on the acupoints to restore the balance in your body.

Procedure of the Therapy

The therapist providing the massage will use a variety of techniques to rejuvenate the body. They will massage the tendons and the muscles effectively along with the joints to improve circulation throughout your body.

In the Chinese massage therapy in Footscray, the therapist, apart from the different hand movements, can also use different types of lotions and medicines.

Some of the common techniques that the professionals use in this type of massage include pressing, lifting, kneading, holding, rolling, etc.

What Can This Massage Treat?

This can cure a lot of problems such as

  • Pain in the back and the neck
  • Disorders related to muscles and nerves
  • Insomnia and stress
  • Recurring headaches
  • Different types of arthritis
  • Problems with digestion
  • Respiratory problems and many others

However, before you book this massage near Footscray, make sure you that you are making an appointment with a renowned massage centre.

Anyway, now we will discuss some of the benefits of the massage.

Improves Circulation in the Entire Body

Like any other massage, the Chinese massage will help in improving the circulation in the entire body. However, you might not see the effects by taking only one session because restoring the harmony in your body takes time.

Pain Reduction in Different Parts of the Body

Muscle pain can be caused by different things but whatever the reason might be, the Chinese massage will help to reduce the pain especially in the neck and lower back area.

Helps Treat Depression

Anxiety and depression have become parts of our lives. But when you take this massage therapy, expect an alleviation of your anxiety levels because this massage is optimised for restoring the balance and harmony in your body.

Helps Treat Arthritis

Arthritis can cause nagging pain in your body and it does not have medicine as such that can totally cure it.

However, this massage can give you relief from the pain caused by arthritis.

Cures Different Types Of Musculoskeletal Disorders

There can be different types of musculoskeletal disorders and the advantage of taking this massage is that it can cure most of them.

However, as we mentioned earlier, it might take a while for the symptoms to go away.

Want to Drive Away Pain and Stress? Book a Chinese Massage Now

Calm Home Spa provides the Chinese massage therapy near Footscray where the professionals use different types of techniques to remove the blockages from the body and cure various ailments. So, to book this session with us, contact us now.