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Aroma Massage At Calm Home Spa

Aroma massage basically combines the power of the essential oils with massage therapy. This kind of combination provides great effects on the body and the mind.

Massaging skin has healing and calming benefits throughout your body. While massage can benefit your body systems, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems are stimulated. Aroma massage includes the use of aromas and healing properties of essential oils. Once combined with massage therapy, it offers more healing and relaxation.

Benefits of Aroma Massage

benefits of aroma massage
Improved Relaxation

Inhaling essential oil scents may calm your emotions and mind, which can encourage relaxation and reduce your stress level. Aroma massage is relaxing and essential oils have complimentary effects. Lavender essential oils are known for its sedative and calming properties. These are also great for massages.

Improved Healing Power

Aroma massage may improve the healing of the body and mind. Massage therapy basically uses some manipulation techniques of soft body tissues to promote healing. Massage with essential oils can relieve pain, help aid circulation, release tension, restore body functions, reduce swelling, and speed up the process of healing the injuries.

Reduction of Inflammation and Pain

When you are using essential oils on your skin topically, you will experience additional relief from inflammation and pain. Massage oil may also aid in therapeutic massage to soothe and relax muscles to stimulate tissues, and increase circulation. Essential oils like peppermint oil have cooling and invigorating properties, which may soothe discomfort.

Enhanced Mood

An essential oil has been used for many years due to its uplifting properties. Adding some essential oils to your massage whether through massage oils or diffusing oils may improve your mood as well as your overall health condition. Orange essential oils are frequently used for uplifting mood, so it’s great to use in citrus massage oils.

Positive Effects on Your Emotional Health

The parts of the brain responsible for memory, emotion, and scents are related. Particular scents may trigger positive feelings and memories that can contribute to enhanced emotions. Grapefruit essential oils have sedative and calming properties with aroma that is wonderful and energizing.

What You Should Expect from Aroma Massage?

expect from aroma massage
Even if you may find aroma massage at many massage spa, the degree of customization, style of treatment, and quality of the essential oils differs widely. A lot of massage therapists have premixed blends and would select blends based on your health issues. Massage for stress relief and relaxation would likely include essential oils. Your therapist may ask you about the essential oil you prefer to use.

The quality of essential oils differs widely. Essential oil is different from the oils made from synthetic scents that do not have some therapeutic effects. Massage therapists at CalmHomeSpa are highly knowledgeable about aroma massage and use quality essential oils. So, expect that you will get the best possible results at CalmHomeSpa!

If you want to get aroma massage at the soonest time possible, don’t hesitate to book or schedule your appointment at CalmHomeSpa!