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Authentic Massage at Calm Home Spa

In a survey, most leading causes of death around the world are associated to stress. In fact, it is estimated that by year 2020, mental health conditions that are stress-related will be highly prevalent. Fortunately, authentic massage with some integrated health approaches like meditation and yoga are great strategies to manage stress effectively.

Why You Must Consider Authentic Massage Regular?

Massage Helps You Get Rid of Headaches

Focus your authentic massage session on your neck for relief from that aching feeling. Massage will help you reduce headaches through stimulating pressure receptors at your neck’s nape that helps boost vagal activity. It is thought that when your vagus nerve is active, you will not experience migraines and headaches.

Massage Improves Your Range of Motion

Once you consider authentic massage, you may be able to pull off a yoga pose that you’ve always wanted to do. Massage can loosen up muscles and boosts circulation that helps pump oxygen to the joints. All of these are the key to keep your body limber. If it is inflammation that is limiting your mobility, a good squeeze may reduce the presence of proteins called cytokines that result to inflammation.

Massage Helps You Sleep Well

If you’re struggling every night because of insomnia, massage can benefit you. Sleepless nights are due to lack of serotonin and since massage can help spike levels of snooze-worthy chemical; it may help you doze off.

Massage Reduces Physical Suffering

If you are experiencing discomfort due to chronic injuries, massage will help you say goodbye to your sores. Authentic massage can reduce physical suffering through increasing serotonin and decreasing cortisol. For those who don’t know, the natural painkiller of the body is known as serotonin.

Massage Gets Rid of Your Anxiety and Stress

It isn’t just the smell of essential oils that will give you a relaxing feeling. The number of strokes reduces your sympathetic tone, which is a part of your nervous system that prepares the body to react to situations of emergency or stress. Subsequent reduction in cortisone and increase in the level of serotonin is a formula for calm vibes. Based on a research, authentic massage is deal for one’s mental game and may even help you with depression.

Massage Keeps Illness at Bay

Authentic massage can boost the immune system of the body. One of the advantages of authentic massage is that it results to an increase in white blood cell circulation. It isn’t just cold-busting types of cells, but NK cells are referred to as killer cells since they serve as the primary defense of the body against any serious infections.

Massage Boost the Power of Your Brain

In a study, it was showed that brain waves changed in heightened alertness and participants of the study were able to do math computations easily. Although authentic massage will not make you a genius, it can actually boost your brain power.

If you want to enjoy all of the benefits of authentic massage, please don’t hesitate to give Calm Home Spa a call today!