Benefit of Calm Home Spa Facial

Your face speaks a lot about you, and your skin reveals what is in your heart. One of the things you can do to boost your self-esteem is to focus on your appearance. Since your skin is among those features that other people notice about you, pampering it every now and then wouldn’t hurt. Calm Home Spa facial has a lot of benefits to offer so you can be sure that your skin will get the attention and care it needs and deserves.



Cleansing is the very first step in Calm Home Spa facial that uses special brushes to cleanse your face properly before proceeding with the rest of the steps of the treatment. Cleansing basically helps prevent acne and other skin issues through getting rid of dust, debris, and dirt particles on the surface of your skin. During the process, steam treatment will also be performed. This is very relaxing and helps soften up any whiteheads and blackheads that need extraction.

Exfoliation / Dermabrasion


The exfoliation and dermabrasion step basically helps clear away any dead skin cells. With the use of special mechanical or chemical exfoliants, the surface of your skin will be rubbed of dead skin cells. These dead skin cells can make your skin look older and rob you of a youthful appearance. Exfoliation and Dermabrasion gets rid of them to reveal newer and more youthful layer of skin underneath.

Extraction – sucking vacuum – clean the poses


The removal of whiteheads and blackheads from the skin is performed during the extraction process of Calm Home Spa facial. With the use of a special sucking vacuum, it cleans your pores to make your skin ready for further treatment steps.

High Frequency


You might not know it but your skin actually serves as a breeding ground of bacteria. The high frequency process will eliminate these bacteria that are often the culprit behind numerous skin concerns.

Massage – relax, blood circulation


The facial massage is probably the most relaxing step during your facial as your esthetician uses gentle and classic strokes to boost blood circulation on your face. More than the relaxation, the massage can stimulate your skin and facial muscles.

Serum + Ultrasonic – help to absorb the serum quicker


After the special blend massage, your esthetician will then use ultrasonic frequency. This step helps your skin to absorb the serum faster. This serum is also custom blended depending on your specific skin issue. It is the step where your esthetician will zero in on your skin’s biggest problem, whether it is visible capillaries, lines, wrinkles, excess oil, or anything else in between.



The final step for your facial is the application of moisturiser. The esthetician will use a moisturiser which best suits your skin type. The therapist will smooth this gently on your face using circular motion. After all the above steps, ensuring your skin has enough moisturizer is the important last step that will give you that pampered and refreshed feeling.