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Body Scrub at Calm Home Spa

A body scrub is a form of beauty or skin care preparation used for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. Your skin’s epidermis layer has skin cells that shed on a regular basis to let newer and healthier skin cells from inner dermis layer to replace them. These cells die once they reached the epidermis layer then filled up with keratin that gives the skin a protective quality.

But, as you age, there is a relative slow down in this natural process. Little by little, the cells start piling up unevenly on the skin surface that makes it look dry, dull, and rough. At this moment, the skin will need help from the outside. This is where the body scrub at Calm Home Spa can come in handy.

With a body scrub, exfoliation takes place that removes the accumulated dead skin cells to let the younger and fresher cells to show up.

A quality body scrub greatly helps to restore the natural lustre of your skin.

Below are more reasons to indulge in a body scrub at Calm Home Spa today!

Eliminates Dead Skin Cells

eliminates dead skin cells

You can find lots of services and products that promise to help improve how your skin feels and looks. But, a body scrub can go beyond the surface level to get rid of dead skin, revealing the glowing and healthy skin underneath. Your skin will be exfoliated as the scrubs work through that rough layer to bring out the softer skin under it.

Clears Away Blemishes

Clears Away Blemishes

A body scrub will not just make your precious skin feel and look fantastic as this also improves your skin’s overall health. When there is a buildup of dead skin, this can clog pores, causing blemishes to show up on the skin surface. Skin exfoliation and removal of the dead skin usually reduces the frequency of suffering from body acne.

Promotes Proper Skin Hydration

skin hydration treatment

Your skin can absorb moisturizers better after you receive a body scrub. Moisturizing following a scrub leaves your skin feeling supple and soft. You can notice this change right away and it will continuously improve when you moisturize every day.

Refreshes Your Look to Boost Your Confidence

removal of dead skin cells

With the successful removal of dead skin means rough looking skin and other impurities are going to be removed as well. People who experience skin discolouration because of blemishes or tanning usually discover that a body scrub is a perfect solution.

Once your skin feels and looks great than ever before, you will also enjoy an instant boost in your confidence. You will leave Calm Home Spa feeling and looking your best.

Reduces Stress Levels

reduce stress levels naturally

A body scrub experience at Calm Home Spa is one of the best ways to release stress and relax all together. The calming experience at the spa will help your body and mind to recover from the stressful days to make you feel more than prepared to face the future.

Enjoy a refreshing visit at Calm Home Spa by getting a body scrub today!