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Calm home spa is located at 200 Forrest Street, Ardeer, VIC 3022. We have a convenient location near St. Alban, Footscray, Maribyrnong, Sunshine and Brimbank area. We take pride in our professional services that come in very affordable prices. We are composed of well-trained and skilled staff members.

You can now experience the best massage like no other for as low as $60 per hour. Just search for massage near me Ardeer on Google and you will surely find Calm Home Spa first on the list of results. If you are living in or around Brimbank area, we got you covered with your massage needs.

Why do you we instantly appear on Google when you search for “massage near me?” Well, the answer is simple: we have the best staff and the best spa environment in the area! We focus on a strict and professional non-sexual service. The massage you can get from us is more than a simple massage. What we offer is the kind of pampering you need for your overall health and wellbeing.

But, don’t worry because even if we appear on the results when you search for “massage near me,” Calm Home Spa also offers a wide range of treatments for beauty. After a great spa, why not try our beauty services?

When Do You Schedule Your Massage Session?


It is a must to schedule your massage therapy on a regular basis for you to receive and enjoy its optimal benefits. When you get a massage too soon right after a critical injury, this may only cause you more harm than good. When you don’t go for the right length of time for every season, there is a chance that you will not notice any improvement. That is why is a must that you work with your massage therapist and your primary care physician to develop a therapy routine that will let you enjoy the optimal benefits from your massage session and avoid further injuries at the same time.

How long should your massage therapy session be? That will depend on the nature of your condition and the things that need to be done. For stiffness and minor problems, a 30-minute session per week is all you need to experience relief. In cases of severe discomfort, you probably need a 60-minute session once or several times a week so that you can feel some improvements. The general rule of thumb is to undergo massage therapy at least two times a week for around 60 minutes for each session. Adjustments can then be made depending on your own schedule.

Calm Home Spa continues to grow and improve all our services every single day. We are very proud that we stand out from the rest of the massage services around the area. So, don’t waste any minute. Search for “massage near me” and search for Calm Home Spa today!