deep tissue, relaxation, dry massage, lomilomi or 4 hands
Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Dry Massage, Lomilomi Or 4 Hands? What Should You Choose?

You might be surprised to learn that there are actually numerous massage techniques and types available right now. But out of all these options, which one should you choose? Well, that’s a good question. Today, we at Calm Home Spa will explain in detail the differences between deep tissue, relaxation, dry massage, lomilomi, and 4 hands massage. This way, you will be able to determine the best option that suits your needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

deep tissue massage

The first one is none other than deep tissue massage. If ever you feel a bit sore in some parts of your body such as your back, shoulders, or legs, and you also happen to be a very big fan of strong massage, then, this is the right one for you. Deep tissue massage is a type of massage technique focusing mainly on the muscle tissue’s deeper layers. Its main goal is to release the chronic tension patterns in the body with the use of deep finger pressure and slow strokes on certain body parts.

A deep tissue massage is a form of massage which is often used to release chronic muscle tension. Deep tissue massage can also help to break up and get rid of existing scar tissues. Deep tissue massage not only feels great because this is also amazingly beneficial to your overall health. It is because both nutrients and oxygen are blocked every time you feel stressed which can then lead to toxin build-up and inflammation in muscle tissues.

With this kind of massage, your muscle tissues will loosen up, release the toxins, and get your circulation and blood flow going properly.

Relaxation Massage

relaxation massage

The second common type of massage is relaxation massage. If you want to indulge in a massage done by smooth and soft hands while relaxing music plays in the background, then, by all means, this massage is exactly what you need. Relaxation massage is a whole body and hands-on treatment which uses pressure, long gliding and smooth strokes, rubbing, and kneading to help you relax.

The massage can help loosen up and de-stress your body and is ideal for people who have a hard and challenging working week, or those who simply want to give themselves some TLC. During a relaxation massage, a lesser emphasis is being placed on working out the chronic muscle tensions. This is because, during your relaxation massage, you will just feel good and drift away to complete rejuvenation.

This is a kind of massage you should choose if you simply want to be spoiled, pampered, and chill out at its finest.

Dry Massage

dry massage

If you are not a big fan of oils, there’s no need to worry because dry massage is here to the rescue. With this form of massage, you don’t have to remove your clothes. If you are in a hurry and you only want to go for a quick massage in between shifts, dry massage is the best answer. With towels serving as a barrier between the client and the masseur, your therapist will go straight to the point with no time wasted. The certain muscles will be massaged by arms and hands and elbows. Then, your muscles will be pushed and stretched to let them go back to their right position.

Lomi-Lomi Massage

lomi-lomi massage

It might be a bit strange for somebody that Lomi Lomi massage is from Hawaii, and if you consider this kind of massage, you may try the waves of arms instead of mostly hands. All massage steps like waves will continue running your whole body from the arms to the back then to the legs and turn starting point like non-stop. The ending point will also be the starting point. For normal massages, if you are massaging legs, it means therapists will only concentrate on the legs.

But, for LomiLomi, therapists will keep your legs, yet the movements might be on your back and vice versa.

4 Hands Massage

4 hands massage

4 hands massage, on the other hand, will require 2 therapists at the same time. One will massage the left, and the other one will focus on the right and together, they’ll put their hands on your body simultaneously. Therapists will go down and up at the right points, and they’ll hold their hands and as the music rhythm on your body. The 2 sides of your body will also feel good at the same time instead of waiting for each side to another. Then, the other therapist will massage your legs or feet, and another therapist will massage your head.

Place Your Choice

place your choice

So, which type of massage do you prefer? Do you want something that will give you the relaxation you deserve and ease your muscle pains? If you have particular needs in mind, please do not hesitate to ask questions about the massage you want.

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