Effect of Full Body Massage on Hypertension
Effect of Full Body Massage on Hypertension – A Critical Discussion

Blood pressure is created by the force that blood exerts against the walls of the arteries. In other words, the blood pumps into your arteries with every heartbeat, with the pressure being maximum right at the nick of the moment of the stroke of the heartbeat. This pressure is called systolic blood pressure. Again, in the intervening gap in between the two heartbeats, the pressure falls and this is called the diastolic pressure. People suffer from hypertension as and when the systolic pressure rises above 140 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure jumps above 90 mm Hg. Now sustained high blood pressure is particularly dangerous, as it can be the root cause of high blood pressure.

This is where full-body massage intervenes. Studies have revealed that full body massage helps to calm down the mental state of affairs to a large extent, thus helping you to reduce blood pressure and alleviate the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Let us on this page, discuss the impact of full body massage by therapists in Southbank on blood pressure.

How Does Full Body Massage Impact Blood Pressure?

Some studies have revealed that a proper full body massage not only goes a long way to leave your mind, body and spirit relaxed, it also brings down hypertension. It does so by calming down the sympathetic nervous system, which is the main culprit behind the hiking of blood pressure, in response to external stress factors.

Therefore, when a professional conduct a full body massage session in South Yarra, it helps in reducing the level of blood pressure…

However, there are various types of full body massage that will have various impacts on blood pressure.

While sports massage is one type of full body massage that helps relax the mind, trigger point therapy is another form of full body massage, which acts on specific pressure points, again helping the mind to relax and reduce blood pressure.

Deep tissue massage is another form of full body massage, which when applied in an appropriate ambience, with soothing, lilting music, relaxing essential oils, will go a long way to reduce high blood pressure.

The Inside Story

When our body is subjected to stress, all the adrenal glands located in the kidneys start generating a stress hormone called Cortisol. It increases the blood pressure and pumps blood to the muscles to escape the potent danger. It diverts the blood away from all the vital body parts and organs like the stomach or from the reproductive organs. This is because the body under the circumstances puts more emphasis on survival than anything else. The body reserves oxygen, the nutrient-rich blood to be in the safe zone. Once that stress factor is eliminated, the body starts its repair act and starts secretion of antidotes to Coristol.

This is where full-body massage comes into play. The techniques applied by the professionals conducting full body massage in South Yarra or any other places augments this production of the antidotes, thus speeding up the recovery process for a holistic recuperation and sync of mind, body, and spirit.

Thus you see, full-body massage is always a great way of getting rid of hypertension. Calm Home Spa is the best place to take a full body massage from. Call us at 0414 057 272 to book an appointment.