Experience the Difference of Professional Thai Massage Near Me in Brimbank Area

Are you thinking of pampering yourself with Thai massage? Did you hear the stories or see pictures of this form of massage?

It is just natural that people considering a Thai massage often wonder if it is good for them and if it’s effects and benefits will really be worth it.

If you genuinely care about your health and your body, you will be more than happy to know that Thai massage therapy has endless health benefits. With proper knowledge and preparation for your Thai massage, your body will surely thank you.

Here are at Calm Home Spa, we perform professional Thai massage. This is why we always show up in results every time you search for “Thai massage near me” or “Thai Massage near me in Brimbank” in Google. This doesn’t come as a surprise because we are known for our experienced and trained therapists who can perform the best Thai massage session inside a clean, professional, and pleasant environment.

Health Benefits of Thai Massage


Here are some of the amazing health benefits of Thai massage that you can also enjoy when you visit Calm Home Spa.

  • One of a kind stretching

If you are looking for a form of massage that can stretch limbs unlike other massage types, Thai massage is exactly what you need. The stretching involved and used during Thai massage helps to relieve tension in deep muscles and improve your limbs to become limber than before.

  • A new balance of serotonin and cortisol

Cortisol, or also called the stress hormone, is one of the most dreaded things you can have in your body. On the other hand, serotonin is a sought after hormone as it helps to reduce stress and it makes your brain feel happy. Through Thai massage, your body releases more serotonin while lowering the amount of cortisol. Doesn’t it sound like an excellent health benefit?

  • Mental relaxation

Numerous studies support the benefits of relaxation and meditation for overall health. Techniques used during Thai massage are meant to help in relaxing your mind for you to fall in a meditative state. Similar to yoga or tai chi, the small yet concentrated movements during Thai massage can help put your mind in the state of complete relaxation.

  • Blood Circulation

Movements used in Thai massage forces blood circulation to different parts of your body. When there is a better circulation, your body can also receive more oxygen, making it feel better along the way.

  • Pain Relief

Massages help reduce pain, and Thai massage is not an exception.

Choose Calm Home Spa for Your Thai Massage


Calm Home Spa has a convenient location as we are also near Keilor, Airport West, Essendon North, Essendon West, Avondale Heights, Maribyrnong, Ascot Vale, Footscray, Braybrook, Keilor East. We are proud to be the most trusted name when it comes to massage, waxing, and facial services in the Sunshine area. We have a massage chair provided for free while you wait. One bottle of spring water will also be provided for free as you need to stay hydrated during the massage session. Book your Thai massage session today!