4 hands massage
Explaining 4 Hands Massage Therapy- Its Technique & Benefits

Almost all massage treatments are performed by one qualified therapist. But, what makes 4 hands massage unique is that you find a couple of therapists working on you using synchronised hand movements. It’s almost like experiencing 2 body massage treatments at once!

These therapists will consider your body as a canvas on which they will slowly choreograph moves each at different paces and hand pressure.

As per contemporary practitioners, 4 hands massage therapy originated in the Ayurvedic tradition and prove highly effective in balancing out the energy levels properly throughout your body.
“4 HANDS ARE BETTER THAN 2” Workings of 4-Hands Massage Therapy!

During a 4 hands massage session, your therapists will “employ slow and relaxing movements which are in conjunction with harder, deeper and warmer movements targeting specific areas of your body.”

The aim of your masseurs will be to break down all muscle knots and tightness, which prove to be the main reason for inflammation and pain. 4-hands massage also presents a more soothing experience made possible by 2 therapists working together. And this option proves to be a great option for athletes who need to be constantly involved with their physical activity.

Furthermore, 4 hand massage techniques can bring about lots of positive effects. However, during your session; you may not be able to keep track of all 4 hand movements at the same time. And perhaps, that’s why the therapist will fully immerse yourself in its indulgence.

Benefits of a 4 Hand Massage: –

Doubling the pleasures of Swedish massage therapy, the two masseurs work to relieve your muscle knots, stresses using simultaneous, exact hand movements. Here’s a look at some 4 hand massage benefits which you will experience.

Promote Enhanced Relaxation: –

32% of clients claim that their stress, anxiety reduced considerably after taking up a 4-hand massage. Aptly massaging both sides of the body at the same time increases the amount of relaxation for both mind and body.

Great for Reducing Pain from Sore Muscles:-

89% of clients have cited that 4 hand massages soothe sore muscles and its related injuries. By all 4 hands working on different parts of the body together, it works wonderfully to alleviate pain and discomfort and make you physically active for your regular tasks. It is why athletes favour 4 hand massages so much.

Improvements in Blood Circulation & Mental Health: –

The body functions properly only when through proper and uniform blood circulation. With a four-hand massage; you can improve your blood circulation and reduce the sign of dry skin or ageing. It also allows your body cells to get appropriate nutrients and get rid of gasses and waste to keep your nervous system efficiently running. Furthermore, by improving your blood circulation, a 4 hand massage keeps your body temperature balanced and stable.

In addition, if you have weak muscles, then this special massage can help strengthen it and make you feel better and more physically active.

Improves Your Night Sleep: –

If you don’t get your regular quota of sleep, then your body may not function as well as it can! A 4 hands massage helps relieve stress, tension and depression- the main causes of sleeplessness!
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So, if you wish to get more balance for your body, then as your reliable service provider, we offer you effective and cost-convenient packages.

i) 30 mins cost $ 70.
ii) 60 mins cost $ 110.
iii) 90 mins cost $ 160
iv)120 mins cost $ 200

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