express brazilian waxing
Express Brazilian Waxing

The thought of getting express Brazilian waxing may be a daunting. Most of you cannot help but imagine the pain of considering waxing. However, the smooth feeling basically makes excruciating pain bearable and worth it.

If you haven’t tried Brazilian wax before and you’re worried about your first waxing session, it would be a good idea to know about Brazilian wax and how it can benefit you.

What You Should Know about Brazilian Wax?

know about brazilian wax

Generally, Brazilian waxing involves hair removal from the belly button to the front and around the back. It is also referred to as bare wax, which involves waxing around, beyond, and on the bikini zone, which will you hair-free from the belly button to your back part. But, several women prefer leaving a triangle shaped hair section or a strip in front for a more natural post-wax look.

What are the Different Advantages of Express Brazilian Waxing?

different advantages of express brazilian waxing
There are many advantages of consider express Brazilian waxing and some of them include the following:

Exfoliates Skin

Express Brazilian waxing can eliminate dead skin cells on the skin and leaves skin feeling extra smooth.


If you are shaving, you know the feeling you get after doing it, right? If you are not itchy yet and feel free and clean, imagine that kind of feeling and that is ten times better since that is how good a Brazilian waxing leaves the skin feeling.

Hair-Free for a Long Period of Time

Shave would provide you smooth skin for about 2 days, where you may be hair-free for three to four weeks with express Brazilian waxing. This will help you save more time when it comes to your grooming routine.

Improves Confidence

With Brazilian waxing, it’ll leave you feeling better than your sexy lingerie. In fact, it will leave you feeling extra confident and sexy.

Hair Growth is Sparser

Hair grows out thicker after shaving since it is cut at the level of the skin, where it’s thickest. When compare to shaving, Brazilian waxing will get rid of the hair from the roots, which ensures that hair growth is sparser and thinner.

Usually, hard wax is preferred when doing Brazilian waxing since it’s less painful and formulated specially for sensitive areas including face, bikini, and underarms. Wax sticks to the hair, but not on the skin, which makes the process of pulling less irritating for the skin. However, wax strips are much easier to use, yet they’re more painful. The good thing about wax strips is that you can use them in your home.

Why Go to CalmHomeSpa for Express Brazilian Waxing?

Although you can do Brazilian waxing on your own, it is always to visit CalmHomeSpa for best results and professional waxing session. The best thing about considering CalmHomeSpa is that it offers affordable rates and you can be assured that you’ll be able to reap all of those benefits without experiencing any inconvenience. All you have to do is to book your appointment and let CalmHomeSpa do the rest for you!