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What is deep tissue massage?
Deep tissue massage is a form of therapy which makes use of slow strokes and firm pressure to reach the deeper muscle layers and fascia, which is the connective tissue which surrounds your muscles. This works great for chronic pain and aches, and in contracted areas like stiff upper back and neck, tightness of leg muscles, sore shoulders, and low back pain. While a few of the strokes used here feel similar to those in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage is different from a regular massage which uses deep pressure. It can also address concerns on limited motion range and inflammation.

What is relaxation massage?

Relaxation massage, as its name suggests, has everything to do with relaxing. This focuses on providing the clients with enough time to break free from the stresses of their day to day lives. Once you go for relaxation massage, you will be able to expect for a one of a kind treatment. You can enjoy long, gliding, and smooth strokes which are flowing and rhythmic. You will also enjoy a deeply relaxing pressure that it is not painful at all. This form of treatment is meant to relax and soothe you but is not ideal for chronic pain relief.

What is four-hands massage?

Four-hands massage is ideal for spa goers who find it hard to let go of the stresses and thoughts of the day during their massage treatment. In this kind of massage, there are two therapists who will be working on one client, usually using moves in perfect harmony. A four-hands massage is almost like indulging in two full body massages simultaneously. Expert massage therapists will use the body of the client as a type of canvass where they choreograph detailed and slow moves of different pressures and paces. Four-hands massage comes in different styles, and it is also more enjoyable compared to other massage forms. But as we have claimed all the services we have provided are professional and non-sexual treatment, so clients need to relax their minds and enjoy professional massage services only.

What is different between four-hands and two-hands massage?

The main difference between a two-hands massage and a four-hands massage lies in the fact that the first one is performed only by one therapists, while the second one makes use of the skills of two therapists. A four-hands massage is basically similar to having two two-hands massage performed at the same time. Four-hands massage can relax and stretch muscles using different techniques that a single masseuse will not be able to do alone. This improved intensity of synchronous massage movements can improve the flow of blood and unwind any tense muscles in the body of the client.

What is cupping?

Cupping therapy is the ancient type of alternative medicine. Here, the therapist will put special cups on the client’s skin for several minutes to create some suction. There are different reasons why people go for cupping. Some need help with inflammation, pain, relaxation, well-being, and blood flow. There are also those who go for cupping as a form of deep tissue massage. Cups used for cupping may be made of either silicone, earthenware, bamboo or glass. This is a unique form of therapy that has been proven to render different benefits to the client, especially when performed by an expert therapist.

What is waxing and its benefit?

Waxing is the method hair removal. By nature, this is semi-permanent and it gets rid of hair from its root. Waxing can effectively eliminate large amounts of hair simultaneously. This is also longer lasting compared to other hair removal methods. In waxing, hair often takes about 2 to 8 weeks for it to grow back. But, there are some people who can enjoy a re-growth in just a matter of week. Unlike shaving or the use of depilatory cream, waxing makes your skin feel silky smooth for many weeks. One more benefit of waxing is the fact that doing it repeatedly for a long time can make the hair look finer.

What deep tissue massage help?

Deep tissue massage often focuses on a single problem like injury rehabilitation or chronic muscle pain. It is also perfect for other conditions such as lower back pain, chronic pain, limited mobility, repetitive strain injury like carpal tunnel syndrome, and recovery from injuries like sports injury, falls, or whiplash. Deep tissue massage can also help address tennis elbow, osteoarthritis pain, and muscle tension in glutes, hamstrings, legs, IT band, upper back, rhomboids, and quadriceps. This can also help in correcting postural problems, sciatica, fibromyalgia, piriformis syndrome, muscle spasm or tension, or after bodybuilding or a workout.

Why you should choose relaxation massage?

A great relaxation massage can help relieve muscle tension and stress. This will make you ooze with an overall sense of health and wellbeing. Relaxation massage can make it possible since it can offer a lot of general benefits. For one, it can improve your circulation which means that your skin and your organs will be getting more oxygen. It can also help move fluid all over your lymphatic system. The best relaxation massage can also encourage your body in digesting the food and eliminate toxins within it. This can also help you enjoy better sleep. A massage also helps unknot muscles, soothe sprains and aches, and encourage healing of minor skin abrasions.

Do you know about hot stone and its benefits?

Hot stone massage therapy can melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness, and increase metabolism and circulation. Every one and a half hour of hot stone massage session can promote deeper relaxation of the muscles through placement of water-heated and smooth stones at key body points. A professional massage therapist also incorporates customized massage using hot stones that provide enhanced benefits. The main premise behind this form of massage therapy is that the stones’ direct heat can relax the muscles to allow the therapist access deeper layers of muscles. The combination of hot stone protocols with full body massage offers a very effective and healing experience.

Is cupping right for you?

Well, it depends on the different healing methods and alternative remedies that work for you. Basically, some say that traditional massage works better for tight muscles than cupping, yet there are others who experience differently. When it comes to increasing athletic performance, it may vary from one person to another. Cupping can be best used in conjuncture with another traditional healing technique like acupuncture. When places where cups were removed, gently, briefly massage it afterwards. If you are confused if cupping is suited for you, don’t hesitate to ask Calm Home Spa regarding your needs to what’s best for you.

What is manicure and pedicure?

Basically, manicure is a beauty treatment for fingernails and hands that can be done at a spa or at home. Manicure involves shaping and filing of the nails and massaging hands. However, there are different spa treatments that you can select for good manicure.

Pedicure is also a beauty treatment for legs and feet. You can practice pedicure at home or you can also avail it at a spa. Even for pedicure, there are also other treatments you may opt to improve personal care. This may vary depending on your preferences. So, always consult Calm Home Spa first to get the best treatment package you deserve.

Why men should get manicure/pedicure done?

Men tend to do dirtier things as well as get some stuff stuck on their nails. Therefore, it is important to get manicure or pedicure done. Never think that people in business meetings are not looking at your hands. They also judge you through how you present yourself like your nails. If you want to know if you really need manicure or pedicure, check if your nails still look good. If it is very long that leave some claw marks in your jacket, it is time to consider manicure. If your feet look disgusting that you do not want others to see you in flip flops or your toenails are thick and long, it is the best time for a pedicure service.

How often someone should take a massage?

How frequent you should get a massage basically depends on some factors. These factors may include emotional and physical needs, your budget, and your stress levels. You will absolutely experience the best health benefits of massage once you try it on a regular basis. Massage can calm your nervous system, offers muscle pain relief, helps with the pain management in conditions including muscle spasms, sciatica or arthritis, and improves lymphatic circulation and blood circulation. If you experience muscle pain often and you can’t focus on your work because of it, better get a massage regularly. You can also schedule an appointment for massage.

What different between semi Brazilian and full Brazilian?

Majority of people are familiar with the idea of a bikini wax. It is when a waxing expert uses hot wax for getting rid of the hair that’d be visible if one wants to wear bikini bottom. Generally, Brazilian wax is the same with other types of body waxing. It also includes strands along vagina lips. You may opt to leave a landing hair strip on time or a triangular shape of hair. Or, if you don’t like the idea of semi Brazilian, you can consider full Brazilian instead. Introduced in year 1987, Brazilian remained to be the most popular and best hair removal method in the world today.

What is dry massage and its benefits?

This kind of practice is becoming popular lately and that is for some good reasons. In fact, you will even notice dry massage as an offering at various spas in hotels. Basically, dry massage has numerous benefits. From helping with your lymphatic drainage to smoother skin, there are other things you can expect from this.

As its name implies, dry massage is brushing the skin in different patterns using a dry brush, typically before showering. In terms of dry massage, the skin will be brushed toward the heart part from the hands and the feet and to the chest area.

What is men facial massage?

Facials for men are becoming popular as the advantages of male skincare become well-known. That is the reason why Calm Home Spa offers a variety of services like men facial massage. There are some men who are shy about considering facials and think of them as feminine. But, if you are a man and have not had a facial yet, you’re absolutely missing out on some rejuvenating benefits and experience that could take years off your look and boost your overall skin health condition. Whether you require a simple massage, hydration, exfoliation or cleansing, Calm Home Spa got it covered for you.

Why men should get facial massage?

There are many reasons why men must get a facial massage. Some of these reasons may depend from one person to another. One of the reasons why men must consider facial massage is because it cleans up oily skin. You have to take note that oil is the considered as the biggest culprit to a skin that looks dirty, which causes clogged pores, blackheads, and pimples. Another reason is that it can increase your blood flow making you glowing than ever. Facial massage is also an anti-aging treatment for your skin. It also smoothen skin, which allows you to shave smoothly.

What is stretching massage and its benefits?

Massage and stretching are 2 effective methods that play an important role in both flexibility training and strength training. Massaging muscles immediately prior to doing strength exercises or stretching for muscles will improve circulation and increase blood flow, which relaxes the muscles. After an intense muscular activity and overexertion, massage can relieve soreness from post-exercises and painful muscle cramps. It will also help you get rid of the accumulated lactic acid. The advantages of stretching massage can be felt throughout your body. It also helps stimulating the digestive organs, relieves tension, reduces joint inflammation, energizes the body, improves posture, and improves concentration.

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