Full Body Massage – an Understanding of Its Mental Aspect

Experts are of the opinion that certain activities like brain games, learning new skills, reading, listening to music and the likes help alleviate and even ward off a wide range of mental issues. In fact, there are specific mental conditions that c be cured with the help of these activities.

Another thing that can be added to the list is full body massage. Yes, it also goes a long way in alleviating a wide range of mental conditions that include anxiety, restlessness, short-term memory loss, short temper, and loss of patience – the list can go on and on.

In fact, there are increasing shreds of evidence that massage therapy can stimulate functions of the brain, reduce depression, and help people combat mental stresses at any age.

How Does It Happen?

Well, there are a number of theories about it, and research is still being carried out to ascertain the exact way, full body massage acts upon the mind and spirit. However, noted physiotherapists and psychologists, after carrying out extensive research have come up with the conclusion that the power of touch is enormous. It fact, it goes a long way in affecting the functions of the brain.


It helps in increasing the Oxytocin levels, dropping the heart rate and increase level of confidence. It augments the sense of fellow feeling and trust and thus helps improve the interpersonal relationship. In fact, full massage by a Footscray therapist would help enhance a vast plethora of human qualities. Needless to say, all these qualities help us to improve the quality of life we lead.

Also, it is pretty understandable that all these outcomes are brain-centric, or in other words, originates in the brain. It, therefore, can be ascertained that massage has a tremendous effect on the human brain, as it has on the other parts of the body.

The Modern Trend


The medical fraternity has acknowledged the commanding effects of full body massage. A number of healthcare clinics off late have come up with facilities that offer therapeutic massage to their patients. In fact, this has been a common trend, and there are hospitals that conduct massage to patients, prior to surgery so that they are not scared.

The same can be said about some clinics treating cancer patients. They conduct massage on patients before they are subjected to chemo, which is a painful process. It helps in relaxing their nerves.

How Does It Work?


Multiple studies have revealed that massage therapy heals up conditions like depression, high blood pressure, confused state of mind, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, fatigue, sleep apnea, sleep disturbances and the likes.

In fact, deep tissue massage stimulates the receptors in various areas of the brain. When the therapist deals with the deeper muscle layers and the softer tissues during massage therapy in Footscray, it stimulates the brains by sending signals. This releases specific proteins and neurotransmitters that benefits the nervous, immune and the endocrine system.

The Effect on Common Man


So what does it mean for the common man? It results in good health, better life, relaxed mindset and an elated state of mind that goes a long way in enhancing the quality of life.

Thus, you need an experienced and highly professional therapist who will conduct full body massage is a perfect way. What better name can be suggested than Calm Home Spa in this regard? The spa is home to some of the best therapists and is one of the most adored names in the fraternity of massage therapy in Australia.