Brazilian Waxing
Full Brazilian Waxing for Men

Ever heard of full Brazilian waxing for men? Yes, you read that right. Gone are the days when getting a wax was gender specific. Today, men can experience all the benefits of longer-lasting removal of hair in the most intimate area of their body. If you are a man, who is new to the world of Brazilian wax without any idea what to expect, read on to discover what this procedure entails.

Why Do Men Wax Their Intimate Region?

Men who shave their intimate area now choose to avoid that itchy and uncomfortable five o’clock shadow and go for a smoother and longer lasting solution.

Bodybuilders and swimmers also opt for body hair removal, particularly before competitions. There are also guys who simply don’t want body hair just like women; thus, they want to undergo the same treatment.

What to Expect During a Full Brazilian Waxing for Men

Before anything else, you have to remember that you will have to take off those boxers at the start of the process. Here are other steps to keep in mind:

1. Remove clothing – You will first be told to remove your underwear inside the treatment room. Removing your underwear will not only protect your clothes as it will also offer optimal working conditions in order for the esthetician to remove all your unwanted hair. Men also often have the option to wear a disposable thong during the waxing session.

2. Preparing the area – Your esthetician will then cleanse the spot to get rid of any possible harmful bacteria present on your skin.

3. Consultation – The esthetician will check the length of hair and trim accordingly based on your preference and for safety purposes. You will also be asked where you want to leave some hair and how much you like to leave.

4. Hair removal (the fun part) – Your esthetician will now proceed with the actual process of waxing. This will involve spreading some hot wax on the region where you like to have your hair removed. She will attach a strip to the hot wax then pull off the wax and strip off. It will remove the hair right down to your bare skin. This part might be a bit painful. Expect some pain while the strip is being pulled off, particularly if your skin is sensitive.

5. Post-care – Once you get as bare as you like, it is time for a bikini facial. The esthetician is going to apply some soothing lotions which contain aloe vera to reduce the pain caused by the wax on your sensitive skin.

6. Fine-tuning – The esthetician will give you a mirror for you to check the result. This is where you can check for stray hairs and admire your new do down there.

7. It’s done – The process is now finished, and you are ready to go about your activities for the remaining times of the day.

Women are no longer the only ones who can benefit from full Brazilian waxing. These days, even men can take advantage of this amazing procedure.