Full Brazilian Waxing for Women

It doesn’t matter if you want to have your lower body free from hair, or you are getting ready to bare it all in a skimpy bikini. Full Brazilian waxing for women is a method you can count on. Waxing can leave your skin clear of re-growth and stubble for several weeks and at the same time, it is also very comfortable. If you have long been using the razor and you now want longer lasting and smoother results, a full Brazilian wax is the perfect solution for you.

For some ladies, the mere thought of getting a Brazilian wax is enough to make them scream inside. They can’t help but wince while imagining the pains of waxing one of the body’s most sensitive areas. However, the amazing smooth feeling can make this excruciating pain almost bearable and totally worth it.

If you have never tried a full Brazilian wax before and you are worrying about getting it the first time, then, consider yourself lucky to be reading this article.

Full Brazilian Wax – What Is It?

full wax
Brazilian waxing basically involves hair removal starting from the belly button of the client, down to the front then all the way to the back. Also called as bare wax, this involves waxing beyond, around and on the bikini area. This will then leave you free from hair from your belly button to your rear. But, there are also ladies who choose to leave a triangle shaped or strip section of hair on the front to achieve a more natural appearance after the waxing session.

Benefits of Full Brazilian Wax for the Ladies

Brazilian wax
If you are still unconvinced whether or not you should get a full Brazilian, here are the top benefits of this procedure that all women will surely love:

Exfoliates the Skin

A full Brazilian wax can help get rid of your dead skin cells. It will then leave your skin feel extra smooth than ever before.


Don’t you just love that wonderful feeling you get after you shave? You no longer feel itchy, and you feel free and clean. Now, imagine this feeling then multiply this by 10 because this is how great the feeling is after you get a full Brazilian wax.

Boosts Your Confidence

Wearing matching pieces of underwear can make you feel super confident and sexy. But, a full Brazilian wax can surely take things to the next level the moment you put on your sexiest lingerie.

Sparser Hair Growth

After you shave, your hair tends to grow out thicker because it is cut only at skin level where this tends to be the thickest. Waxing, unlike shaving can remove your hair right from its root to ensure that the hair growth will be sparser and thinner.

Enjoy Being Hair-free for a Longer Time

You can only enjoy smooth skin for two days at most after you shave. But, with a Brazilian wax, you will be free from hair for 3 to 4 weeks, which saves you from the need of lots of grooming time.