hot oil massage
Heat Up Your Muscles with Hot Oil Massage

Massage in itself is a very heavenly retreat for your body, mind, and spirit. But, even though massage is already great, the use of hot essential oil can take you a higher level of bliss. So, how does essential oil make your massage experience better? What essential oil blend should you use? The moment you discover the amazing benefits of hot oil massage and indulge in one, you will surely never go back to your usual massage ever again.

The Wonders of Oil for Massage

oil for massage
Combined with your therapist’s massage techniques, essential oils help improve the relaxing and energizing effects of massage. The oil being used in the massage makes it possible for the hands of your therapist to glide smoothly over your skin. The use of oil achieves it with ease and at the same time, the oil also serves as a nourishing element to the overall experience since most essential oils are known to offer great benefits for the skin.

These essential oils are also known for their exceptional aroma because these are being extracted from natural plants and not chemically made. The oils don’t just smell great as you can also benefit when you breathe in the scent of these oils, enhancing your mood and calming your emotions.

Essential oils are often very concentrated so these are diluted first in the carrier oils. These carrier oils are known for their very mild properties so ensure that no irritation will develop on your skin.

The energizing blends of essential oil used in massage smell more robust and herbal than sweet and are ideal for people with tight muscles or athletes. They may also contain oils like cedar wood, basil, or black pepper. Even if you don’t engage in sports or other strenuous activities, the use of blends that have been proven to uplift qualities can unknot the muscles and make you an added boost to help you get through the day. The blends are also in demand among people who get massage during lunch breaks.

The blends of essential oil for relaxing are perfect to calm and unwind your body and mind, particularly after stressful activities or work. Relaxing blends may also contain sweet orange, geranium, and lavender, just to name a few. The blends are ideal for your massage at the end of the day when you simply want to rest and wind down afterward.

Essential oils can also be used to achieve many other effects. The use of specific essential oils for a massage session can also have cleansing and detoxifying effects that help eliminate body toxins. There are other blends being used all over the world by couples because of their exciting properties that benefit their relationship. Since the massage is already an intimate experience for couples, the use of uplifting oil blends to the massage can also do wonders in adding a spark to their relationship.

The next time your muscles feel a bit tensed, make sure you get a hot oil massage and enjoy its exciting benefits!