Hot Massage Table at CalmHomeSpa

To meet the expectations of all clients, CalmHomeSpa pay importance to invest in the best hot massage table and chairs. A bad massage table can have some adverse effects on clients than benefits.

Typically, a massage table comes in different heights and sizes. Majority of massage tables can be cleaned easily. It has a heavily padded surface or a head support with a shape of horseshoe, which enables clients to place their head comfortable and for them to breathe easily.

CalmHomeSpa provides clients better positioning and enables therapists to work without the need to strain. Adjustable and portable massage tables are importance since they may be customized to the specifications and needs of the clients. Also, massage tables offer great scope for therapists to work on clients as they are made to let therapists access all body parts equally. Massage table is also advantageous for guided stretching.

How Beneficial Massage is?

Massage has been used to promote healing and relieve pain. There are numerous kinds of massage, yet many provide same benefits. Typically, massage isn’t considered a replacement for some kinds of medical care, yet may be used with some treatment methods to provide best results.

Reduces High Stress Level


Massage induces relaxation and reduces tension, which relieves one’s anxiety. An increased level of serotonin can help minimize anxiety. Also, massage relieves physical symptoms of anxiety like rapid heart rate.

Natural Pain Reliever


A massage can relieve your pain from arthritis, back injuries, sports injuries, migraines, lupus, fibromyalgia, and other conditions. Massage may relieve pain through reducing the muscle tension and also through triggering production of endorphins, which are the chemicals that relieve pain naturally.

Catch Better Sleep


Massage may help a lot of people relax. This will help you beat insomnia and boost your sleep quality. Depression, anxiety, and pain frequently interfere with great night sleep and since massage helps reliev such conditions, you will be able to sleep better.

Improves Functioning of immune System


Based on a study, massage can improve the function of immune system through stimulating one’s lymphatic system. If you don’t know what lymphatic system is, it can eliminate your body waste, toxins, pathogens, and debris. Fluids circulate through the lymphatic system like blood circulates in your cardiovascular system, yet there’s no pump like the heart to help the lymph fluid circulate. A massage also helps the lymph fluids circulate as well.

Gets Your Blood Flowing


Massage can lower one’s high blood pressure and shows heart rate. Massage may also help people relax and decrease blood pressure. It also improves blood circulation, which improves the flow of the body to every body organ. Good circulation may also improve the skin condition as well. Take note that skin is the body’s biggest organ and massage and reduce stretch marks or scar tissues.

At CalmHomeSpa, you will be able to enjoy all of those benefits mentioned above since it uses quality hot massage table for you to have an amazing experience!