Hot Oil Will Heat Up Your Body in This Cold Weather

During winter months or cold weather season, having regular massages is a good way to feel healthier and happier and may be a perfect way to motivate your clients or yourself to continue taking some healthy measures in some aspects of your life.

Hot oil massage may relax, soothe, and relieve your muscle tension. In fact, it can provide you lots of benefits. From your scalp to toe, it helps improve one’s circulation in both neck and head. It also relaxes scalp as well as brings oxygenated blood to the hair roots, which strengthens it. Hot oil massage encourages new hair growth, slows and retards the arrival of grey hair, minimizes dry and flaky scalp and improves concentration and alertness. In addition to that, such results may be accomplished at home, but it’s always to consider hot oil massage at CalmHomeSpa.

Amazing Benefits of Hot Oil Massage During Cold Weather

Hot Oil Massage is Good for the Psyche

hot oil massage

If the weather is dark and cold, people might get depressed. During winter months, the seasonal affective disorder is common when the weather is gloomy and when there is less natural sunlight. During daylight, the brain also releases serotonin, which is a chemical that makes you feel motivated, positive, and happy. Therefore, it just makes sense that during winter months, the brain releases less of chemicals. With hot oil massage, it can be a good mood lifter. It provides a sense of rejuvenation and relaxes your body through releasing endorphin and serotonin chemicals. These are the chemicals that your body generates once the sun shines.

Hot Oil Massage Helps Improve Blood Circulation

Although exercise can help improve blood circulation and cleanse your internal system, it may also bring oxygenated and fresh blood to one’s system with poor circulation that makes you achy, uncomfortable, and lethargic. This will make you become unproductive and lazy. The good thing is that a hot oil massage is a good way to improve your blood circulation. It may also help your blood pass through the congestion areas and boosts flow, which may help your lymphatic system clean out wastes. Some advantages include making your body function better and reduce your blood pressure.

Hot Oil Massage Keeps the Skin Soft

Another complaint during winter season is dry skin. If the humidity is low and there is a drop in temperature, it may suck your skin’s moisture. Then, you can keep applying the moisturizer to feel comfortable and stop rashes. Once you consider a hot oil massage, essential and natural oils are rubbed to your skin. It will make your skin more elasticated and has an added benefit of moisturizing your skin.

Masseuses customarily uses their palms, fingers, thumbs, elbows, and sometimes, their knees to manipulate soft tissues, tendons, and muscles of the body to achieve the best results, which is to minimize pain, relieve soreness and tension, and bring about a state of relaxation.

Regular hot oil body massage at CalmHomeSpa could be a luxury to many. But, what you should know is that it may be the difference between deriving comfort and benefits and living a painful existence as a result of hot oil massage therapy.