Hot Stone Massage
How Professional Therapists Perform The Hot Stone Massage?

The hot stone massage has become immensely popular since it helps the muscles to relax and alleviates soreness, tension, etc. But if you want to try out this massage in Footscray and want to know a bit about how it’s performed by the therapists, this discussion might help you. So, without delay, let’s get into the procedures.

  • Arranging the Stones

Before starting the hot stone massage in Footscray, the therapist will arrange the right stones of varying sizes and she will heat them so that they can be placed on the different parts of your body. However, the stones will not be extremely hot but rather, they will be at a moderate temperature.

The therapist will heat the stones in water that will be of moderate temperature, and after that, they will place them on your spine in pairs when you lie down. However, they will not place the cloth directly on the surface but place a towel on top of which they will keep the stones.

  • Massaging Your Face

Next, you will need to lie down on the table with the stones already placed on top of your spine. Now, the therapist will apply a light coating of oil and massage your face by keeping a small stone on each cheek, on your forehead, and another one under your lip. These stones will stimulate each area of your face which in turn will stimulate the nerves in your body.

  • Massaging Your Legs

After the face, the therapist will now perform a foot massage in Footscray where they will pour oil on each of your legs and massage them using specific hand movements placing a suitably sized massage stone. They will apply mild pressure to stimulate the nerves on your legs and after the therapy; the therapist will place a stone between each of your toes to achieve the best results.

  • Massaging Your Arms

After the legs, the therapists will massage your arms using the specific oils and placing medium stones, and similar to that of the legs, on completion of the project, the therapist will place a medium-sized warm stone in your palm for the best results.

  • Removal of the Stones followed by Hand Massage

After completing the massage in your arms, the therapist will remove the stones from the face, toes, and those placed on the spinal cord. After this, the therapist providing hot stone massage in Footscray will also start applying massage using her hand. She will apply long strokes using only one moderately hot stone.

She will massage the acupressure points and will place a hot stone on each of your shoulders, lower back each on your scapular area.

  • Massaging the Knees, Calves, and Shoulders

Finally, the therapist will place massage stones on your knees, calves, and the bottom of your buttocks. They will also keep a stone on your shoulders, neck, and massage all these areas.

Finally, they will remove all the stones as this concludes the massage. If everything is properly done, you will feel relaxed.

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