Relaxation Massage
How Professionals Provide Relaxation Massage in Footscray?

There are several types of massage therapies and from them, the relaxation massage is the ideal one as it is a soft type of a massage that includes applying oil, stretching, and application of hot stone on your back for alleviating pain and increasing circulation. And today, we will give you an overview of how massage therapists in Footscray provide the massage.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the techniques that the therapists use.

1) Preparing the Massage

In the first step, the therapists will prepare you for the relaxation massage in Footscray and for this, they will create a soothing atmosphere by lowering the intensity of the lights and by playing some relaxing music on the background. And in the massage session, you will need to keep your mobile phones switched off for getting the best results.

After setting the environment the therapist will prepare the oils that he will use during the massage.

These oils are used to rejuvenate the body and to provide you with a pleasurable experience.

And since different types of oils are available in the market, the therapist will use the one that suits your needs.

Some of the common oils include almond, sunflower, etc. and if you wish to include aromatherapy, the lavender, sandalwood and a few other types of oil will be used.

2) Starting with the Back

You will need to lie down on your face on the massage bed, or the carpet with your arms down on your sides and your head turned to one side.

Now, the therapist will apply oil on your back and with his hands and will use specific hand movements to spread the oil and stimulate the muscles.

The therapist will also massage your lower back before moving on to the shoulder and the head.

3) Shoulders, Head and Neck After the Back

After the back, the professional providing the relaxation massage therapy in Footscray will massage your neck.

He will now use mostly the fingers since the neck is a sensitive area.

He will move the fingers in circular motions starting from the upper end of the neck to the top of the shoulders.

Now, when it comes to the head, he will use the thumb and the fingertips for a relaxing effect.

4) Hands and Feet

Finally, the therapist will massage your hands and feet and he will start the massage from your fingers and slowly move to the biceps thereby covering your entire arm.
During the massage, he will mostly apply different types of pressures with his hand to increase the circulation and will follow the same procedures when massaging the feet.

Like the hand, the massage will start from the sole and will slowly move upwards to your knee and at the end of the massage you will feel relaxed and the intensity of back pains (if you have) will be greatly reduced.

Remove Your Stress with a Relaxation Massage Today

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