indian massage
Indian Massage at Calm Home Spa

Indian massage also referred to as champissage is the treatment that focuses on the massaging acupressure points along the neck, shoulders, and head, frequently using circular massage strokes to improve one’s scalp and hair condition.

It originates from Ayurveda, which is an Indian alternative medicine system that means science of life. It’s believed that the body and mind are intricately connected and may influence each other. With this theory, it’s understood that Indian massage can’t only improve physical well-being and reduce headaches, but also it may improve emotional and mental wellness too.

Indian massage is basically an ancient therapeutic practice, which has been used for thousands of years in India and requires no equipment or oils, making it an accessible treatment ideal for those who are new to massage. Usually, it is done while being seated and through light clothing.

What are the Benefits of Indian Massage?

Below are some of the reasons why you should try Indian massage:

  • Stimulates Lymphatic System

One’s lymphatic system is a crucial part of the function of the body when flushing out the toxins. The stimulation you get from the massage boosts lymphatic system, which speeds up the rate that you flush such toxins. It also enhances the immune system, which makes a person healthier and able to fight against any illness better.

  • Helps Relieve Stress

With the increase of blood flow and oxygen to the brain, you will be able to feel more relaxed. If you are stressed out or under lots of mental strains, you’ll come out of the massage room feeling better.

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

If you are bald, you won’t grow a head of flowing locks because an Indian massage isn’t a miracle cure. However, in other cases, it stimulates follicles to begin growing hair again. It’s more of a side-effect compared to some head massages, yet it is actually a welcome benefit.

  • Increases Natural Energy

The main purpose of Indian massage is to realign the natural energy balance of the body. You’ll feel full of energy and re-energized afterwards and the effects may last for several days. If you want to boost your energy or you like to feel re-energized, it’s an ideal form of therapy.

  • Experience Relief from Pain Due to Migraine

Migraines may affect the lives of people who suffer from them. They’re much worse compared to headaches. Frequently manifesting in dizziness, incredible pain, and can’t be treated with painkillers. A gentle massage may work wonders for others, which can help you experience relief from migraine.

  • What Should You Expect from an Indian Massage?

A usual massage lasts around thirty minutes. You’ll have a brief consultation with your therapist before the session, providing you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you might have and informing them of medical conditions. Majority of the techniques involve the use of massage oils. You must recommend the therapist of skin conditions and allergies you have. Particular shampoos for men or oils can help with particular conditions, so it is worth mentioning everything that’s relevant.