lomi lomi massage sunshine – a loving massage for everyone
Lomi Lomi Massage Sunshine – A Loving Massage for Everyone

Lomi Lomi massage Sunshine is a traditional form of Hawaiian massage which makes use of different techniques, dance and breathing, nut oils, and sometimes even prayer elements to soothe the body and restore its energy. This is also called loving hands massage. The name itself can explain the principles behind this form of massage. This massage can work gently but deeply into the muscles with flowing and continuous strokes to allow the client to relax and bask in its nurturing touch.

Lomi Lomi massage Sunshine works based on the belief that a person’s memories are not only stored within the mind and brain but it can also be found in practically all cells of the human body. Continuous and long strokes of this massage are meant to help the client’s body get rid of its old behaviours and patterns that can often lead to a lot of strain and stress as muscle tension.

By translation, Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian term which means ‘rub rub’, and this reflects the flowing and broad strokes made with the fingers, palms, elbows, arms, and thumbs of the fingers. Coconut, palm, and macadamia oils are often used in moisturisers in Lomi Lomi massage in order to maintain smooth strokes and nourish the skin at the same time.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage Sunshine

benefits of lomi lomi massage sunshine

Lomi Lomi massage Sunshine is meant to treat the mind and body as a single whole being. This is believed to do the following:

  • Help with lymph and blood flow
  • Release tension
  • Stimulate toxins and eliminate waste
  • Rejuvenate the body
  • Instil an overall sense of harmony, peace, and wellbeing

In its country of origin Hawaii, this form of massage is also used for treating children who have stomach upset as well as to soothe women in labour. The massage therapist or the masseur doesn’t aim to heal herself, and instead, she will be a facilitator during the process of healing.

Different Types of Lomi Lomi Massage

The lomi lomi massage is a kind of natural skill which means that there are no two treatments that will be similar in any way. There are also some types that make use of bone-adjusting techniques, baths, as well as dancing and humming.

Some of these variations include the following:

Four-handed treatments performed by two therapists
‘A’e’ is the Hawaiian for walking the body. With this kind of lomi lomi massage in Sunshine, the therapist will balance herself with a ceiling bar or pole while she walks with extra care and gentleness across the client’s body.

Hot Tip for Lomi Lomi Massage

hot tip for lomi lomi massage

Among the best luxuries of traditional massage, what is important is the feeling of travelling to its geographical origins. You can consider this massage as your own personal little haven of Hawaii. You can imagine yourself not inside the treatment room but in the sandy beach where you can indulge in the holiday effects working their magic.

Safety Precautions

safety precautions

The therapist must first ask you if you have any medical history prior to the start of your treatment. It is a must to let them know if you are or you suspect that you are pregnant.

What to Do Before Your Lomi Lomi Massage Sunshine

what to do before your lomi lomi massage sunshine

Lomi Lomi’s nature means that there is a possibility that you will not be wearing a lot of clothes so see to it that you check first with the spa about the things that you can use or bring. Most of the time, bikini bottoms are fine, or your chosen spa might also provide you with some disposable paper pants that are not a form of a fashion item.

It is essential to keep in mind that the different oils being used in this massage are not very kind to your makeup or hair, so it is not very recommended to head straight to work right after the treatment. However, this is fine. If you keep your schedule free during the afternoon, you will be able to spend more time in your post lomi lomi massage heaven.

Make sure that you drink alcohol or eat heavy meals during the hours that lead up to the massage session.

Things to Expect During Your Lomi Lomi Massage

things to expect during your lomi lomi massage

Traditionally, lomi lomi massage is done with the client lying on the hand-woven mat spread on the floor. But, you might also find yourself lying on the traditional massage table, or you can even rest directly on its vinyl. You will not be covered with several towels, and instead, you will only have a small sheet or a single towel for preserving your modesty. Such steps are being taken to ensure that there will be no interruptions in the massage’s continuous flow.

Lomi lomi often starts with a period of stillness between the recipient and therapist. Sometimes, the hands of the therapist will rest lightly on the back of the client. During this time of stillness, the conventional lomi lomi practitioner will first say a prayer or blessing and ask for anything the healing is required.

The therapist is going to work intuitively with the body with rhythmic and fluid strokes to shift and release tensions. The massage itself doesn’t have any set format so no two Hawaiian massages will be similar. Treatment may be relaxing and slow, or faster and more invigorating which will depend on the way your body will respond. The therapist will then be massaging two different body parts at the same time. This is to stop your brain from just focusing on a single area. Therefore, it then can then help in relaxation. There are instances when lomi lomi massage Sunshine is performed by two therapists at the same time to intensify its effect.

The therapist may then make under body or full body strokes, stretch your limbs lightly, and rotate the joints with care. These methods are believed to free up the flow of energy. The therapist will then perform these really gently while staying within your resistance level and comfort zone.