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Male Waxing Session- Tips To Survive Your 1st Session!

You must have remembered Mel Gibson’s reaction in the movie “What Women Want?” when he decided to depilate his legs with wax? Of course, you do, and that scene itself made it pretty clear that waxing is a punishment for all sins- not just his!

But, that was a long time back, and presently, statistics reveal more men are visiting parlour to remove hair from intimate areas of their body (not just from their chest).

So, What Could Be The Reason?

Have they simply matured to treat waxing/hair removal as masculine? Or, have they embraced the benefits of waxing and look to use it to go hairless quickly and flaunt their chiselled body.

The answer could be both. Either way, there are two kinds of waxing that men can opt for-

Soft wax- which is performed on the legs, arms, chest and back.
Hard wax- that is done on the delicate skin-like, the face and underarm.

A full body waxing treatment helps reduce hair growth and is usually performed in between a 30-day interval. The whole process involves pulling the hair out of the man’s roots, and at times, it can be a painful experience. As they are pulled out by the root, it will grow back, finer, thinner and softer.

Note- The more you employ waxing, the lesser the amount of hair will grow back.

How Should You Prepare For Your 1st Waxing Session?

If this is your first body waxing session, then there is a good chance that you will experience pain. (The anguish would be similar to Mel Gibson’s in the aforementioned movie).

However, the amount of pain which one experiences will depend on the area to be waxed. Still, to counteract the pain, the aesthetician will apply an antiseptic lotion to clean the area first. At times; some experts will also apply baby powder to keep the skin dry prior to applying the wax.

If you are scared and also worried about your skin health, then here are some tips that will help you survive your 1st session.

Look to have Tylenol/Advil (pain relievers) 30 mins before the scheduled session.

Have antacid 10-20 mins prior to the start of the waxing treatment. Doing so will reduce the acidity in your system and help reduce sensitivity.

If you are fueled by caffeine, the recommended thing would be to not have coffee at all before your session. And the reason being, it only heightens your body sensitivity and makes the waxing session more painful.

Also ask for any numbing event that can be put on the skin prior to beginning.

Do not sunbathe 48-hours prior to your session. And ensure your hair is at least 1/4th of an inch (or is grown for 3 weeks). That will allow the session to go smooth.

You can look to exfoliate before the treatment to ensure the whole session is done properly.

Most importantly- ensure you come to the parlour properly showered and devoid of any oils or lotions.

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