Massage tips and etiquette
Massage Tips and Etiquette to Enjoy Your First Ever Massage

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people get massage at some point of their lives? Well, it is maybe because of the benefits that massage offers. If you have decided to get a massage for the first time, you might get nervous, especially if you don’t know anything about Massage tips and etiquette. But, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Calm your nerves and relax to make most of your massage session.

The friendly and professional staff of your chosen spa or massage centers will ensure that you’ll only enjoy stress-free and calm experience. So, here is what should expect:

Meet and Greet

Once you have arrived at your preferred massage center, you’ll be asked to fill out the intake forms to record any particular medical history, physical conditions or injuries that your masseur should be aware of. More often than not, massage centers will recommend you to arrive fifteen minutes early for appointment to complete such forms.

Starting Massage Session

The massage therapist will review the forms you’ve filled out and discuss the reasons for your consultation and any areas you would want to address during massage. The session time includes ten minutes for dressing and consultation.

Preparation for the Massage

The massage session is in a private, tranquil room. Your masseur will leave your room to let you remove your clothes and lay down on the table under the provided towel or sheet. You might prefer to disrobe completely or partially clothed. During the first session, your therapist would only uncover the area that you want to get massaged.

During the Massage

You have to take note that massage is all about you and communication is the key to get the most effective treatment to achieve your wellness and relaxation goals. You may also get either customized full-body massage for stress reduction or general relaxation or treatments focusing on particular parts of the body.

Stay Relaxed

Relax your mind and muscles during the massage session. Breathe normally and do not contract or tighten your muscles. Your masseur would ask you if you are feeling uncomfortable or if there are techniques that cause pain or discomfort.

After the Massage

Once the massage is complete, the massage therapist will wait outside your room so you could dress. Once you are ready, your masseur will give you water and return you to the front.

It’s a Wrap

To show your masseur how much you appreciate their offered services, you might want to leave some tips. Information on the recommended gratuity range for the service is often available at front desk and their staff will also welcome you for your next visit.

For your first ever massage, you have to let the therapist know about applying pressure. You have to voice your concerns once the massage is not what you are expecting. You must always say whenever there’s something that does not feel right and an experienced and professional therapist must ask if you are comfortable during the massage session.