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4 Hands Massage Therapy


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  • You want to look for a synchronized massage session?
  • You want to look for a deep relax oil massage session?
  • Want a massage session also includes HOT STONE and STRETCHING?
  • Want to get more BALANCE for your body?
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  • 2 Therapists will massage you side by side.
  • Imagine your body will be taken care of side by side at the same time.
  • One therapist will massage for you on the left, another on the on the right side.
  • Your body will feel much more balance, enjoyable.
4 hands massage better than a 2 hands massagewhy get 4 hands massage

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What is a 4 Hands Massage?

Based on its name, a 4 hands massage is done with four hands, that is, there will be two massage therapists during your session. This session is performed in synchronization and doubles the benefits you get to enjoy. During a conventional 4 hands massage session, your therapists will use slow and relaxing movements in conjunction with warmer, deeper, and harder movements in order to target specific parts of the body.

How is 4 Hands Massage Better Than 2?

While massages are available in numerous types offered in massage spas and parlors, 4 hands massage therapy in Sunshine North stand out as among the most famous one. This kind of massage is believed to make you indulge in a further state of relaxation compared to other forms of massage. If you haven’t heard of or tried 4 hands massage before, here is a quick overview about it and what makes it better compared to 2 hands massage.

How Does 4 Hands Massage Work?

The use of two or several hands can definitely enhance the positive effects of any massage. Having said this, this also means that the client’s brain will not be able to follow through the movements of the two pairs of hands at the same time. It is the reason why the massage therapists often tell their client to just let go and relax during the session in order to let your muscles relax and loosen up.

A 4 hands massage session also includes long and slow sweeping movements which will be used for relaxing the body. Such movements will then be performed together with other more targeted movements which aim to break down the tightness and knots in the muscles that are the culprit behind inflammation and pain.

Massage therapy provides a lot of benefits for the body and mind a like. If you ever experienced for yourself the perks of a professional massage, you can further improve your experience through scheduling a 4 hands massage. This type of massage is not overrated as it is indeed something which can give you the ultimate relaxation experience.

Benefits of 4 Hands Massage

As a unique form of massage, 4 hands massage provides numerous benefits that clients will surely enjoy:

  • Enhanced relaxation
    The primary goal of any massage appointment is and will always be relaxation. With the use of two pairs of hands instead of only one, a 4 hands massage can offer further relaxation compared to a standard 2 hand massage. It is a fact that gentle touch can relax a person. The fact that there are two professional and expertly trained masseuses who will massage you simultaneously means that it further increases the level of relaxation you get to experience during the massage session and even after it. If you feel a bit anxious or tensed because of the responsibilities at the office or in your life as a whole, you could give your entire body the best chance to relax through scheduling a top of the line 4 hands massage.
  • More intense soothing for the muscles
    During a 4 hands massage, the two massage therapists will work on various areas of the body simultaneously to offer an exceptional experience like no other. Although many forms of massage can soothe your sore muscles, a 4 hands massage can offer more soothing experience made possible by the expert tandem of skilled massage therapists. A 4 hands massage is a great option for athletes as well as those who engage in physical activities regularly.
  • Chance to try new techniques on massage
    The massage therapists usually combine various techniques of massage during a 4 hands massage. This exceptional combination gives therapists the chance to provide the most suitable massage style for every body part which then helps the client to feel much better inside out. You could also request for different kinds of massage techniques during a 4 hands massage to learn the ones that you find most appealing.
  • Reduced stress
    These days, feeling stressed out is all too easy yet a massage therapy can provide relief to your body and mind alike. Give yourself a chance to relax more and make your mind free from unnecessary thoughts by scheduling a 4 hands massage. This kind of appointment will definitely erase your stress and get rid of the tension in your muscles.
Is a 4 Hands Massage Better Than a 2 Hands Massage?

This will depend in the benefits you want to experience. If you are confused as to whether you should go for a 4 hands massage or a 2 hands massage, the 4 hands massage might be the best option since the advantages are just the same but the pain relief and relaxation may arrive faster since twice the work is being performed on your body. After you have finally decided that a 4 hands massage is too relaxing for you to miss, schedule your massage session today to enjoy and experience its benefits.

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