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Back Pain Massage to Soothe Lower Back Soreness

Back pain is something that happens to every person at one point in life. In fact, when searching for massage information, most people look for details about back massage than massage for knees, neck, hands, shoulders, or other body parts.
Your back is filled with a lot of hardworking ligaments and muscles that makes it very easy to experience pain and strain in various areas throughout your life. Based on studies, back pain is actually the second most common type of neurological ailment in the US. Experts also estimate that 8 out of10 people struggle with back point at a certain point of their lives.

A Study of Back Pain

It has been reported that once controlled studies have tested the therapeutic massage effects, it was discovered that people who suffer from back pain were able to receive greater relief from soft tissue massage and manipulation compared to a placebo.

In the study that compared muscle relaxation to massage therapy, the group of the test subjects who were given a massage claimed that they felt less pain, depression, and anxiety than those in the other group.

Find Relief for Your Back Pain

Back pain massage in Sunshine will be able to help alleviate muscle spasms that happen when your thoracic joints or rib lose mobility which then helps the joints to function much better. It is even possible to improve the mobility of your tailbone or sacroiliac joint through massaging your gluteal muscles then relaxing the tension in these tissues.

Aside from improving other kinds of treatment, our back pain massage in Sunshine can offer significant relief of chronic or incidental paint. Whether your chronic pain is the result of limited mobility of your rib, pelvic, or vertebral joints, or to nerve compression through structural dysfunction, disease, or muscle spasm, it helps to look for a professional therapist who is an expert in back massage.

Back Pain Massage in Sunshine
Back Massage
Experience Relaxation and Wellness from Back Pain Massage in Sunshine

Aside from pain relief, back pain massage can also provide some benefits. Calm Home Spa takes a proactive role in boosting one’s overall health since regular massage therapy helps your body keep a higher relaxation level. It helps improve sleep, reduce stress, and increase endorphins that serve as the natural mood boosters.

Your body may function better after massage due to increased circulation that brings newly oxygenated blood to the muscles as well as transports metabolic waste away from one’s internal organs. Back pain massager in Sunshine also offers greater flexibility since limber joints and relaxed muscles enable improved range of motion.

Back Pain Massage Helps the Healing Process

Back pain massage in Sunshine can actually help you heal the muscles and tissues that have become atrophied, weak or tight, even after your long history of back pain. This would in turn enhance your range of motion. It also helps reduce scar tissue and stretch marks. If you have strained muscles in the upper, middle, and lower back, you will notice an increased flexibility on your joints after our back pain massage.

Back pain massage also stimulates the production of the feel good chemicals, which are known as serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. Such chemicals will make your body fee good, enabling you to manage pain and reduce the different painkillers you take. Back pain massage will also help you reduce pain in your lower back that might help you prevent depression and anxiety.

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