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Revive Your Energy with Traditional Chinese Massage

For over 4,000 years, practitioners have created and improved Chinese massage such as zhi ya and tui na traditions. These styles have the same techniques as those of Western massage yet it still follows Chinese medicine approach. There are practitioners of Chinese massage specializing in more energetic or more physical healing modalities which depend on their particular training type to suit your specific situation and needs.

Chinese Massage: An Overview

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine claim that body energy should flow on a continuous basis to prevent disease and stress. Through the years, the therapists have come up with various related bodywork therapies such as Chinese massage, acupressure, and acupuncture.

Healers of traditional Chinese work with the meridian system or the inner pathways and points of energy to promote the flow of body energy or qi and blood all over the body. The qi doesn’t only flow through the human body as it is also believed that it animates the whole world.

Practitioners balance the qi of their clients through clearing the pathways of energy known as jing luo of blockages which cause disease and pain. Practitioners of Chinese massage pinpoint pathways with restricted flow and make use of hand pressure for restoring energy circulation and balance.

Chinese Massage
Therapists are practicing Chinese massage throughout the world today. Western clients enjoy the physical and mental benefits of the practice which include musculoskeletal realignment and stress relief. Usually, practitioners of Chinese massage focus on the massage’s therapeutic benefits unlike the western model of relaxation and stress relief. Chinese massage therapists balance and address the entire holistic health of their client and not only specific symptoms.

Chinese Massage
What is a Chinese Massage Session Like?

Zhi ya and tui na sessions alike both last over 30 minutes and can take up to one hour or even more. You can converse with your therapist prior to the session to establish trust and proper communication. It is recommended to discuss the goals and history of your health first. It will also help to inquire about the techniques your therapist will use.

Your therapist will give you privacy to remove your clothes and have a sheet draped around you prior to your session. You can choose to wear what you find most comfortable during the session, end or pause the massage at any specific point, and request to change the scent and music. Practitioners of Chinese massage in Port Melbourne will more likely talk to you during the massage unlike other therapists. Aside from increasing your comfort and getting your feedback, it can also help you release emotions which arise during your session.

The Chinese massage therapist will be working on your jin. It is a soft tissue connecting the body which could affect the chi flow. Practitioners usually work on acupoints or xue which connect the different organs of the body through the meridian system. As far as Chinese medicine is concerned, the meridian system is the distribution network which looks like a web and links the different parts of the body together.

Several techniques of Chinese massage have similarities to Western massage such as stretching, pressing, pushing, kneading, and squeezing. But, your therapist may also gently pluck, knuckle, dig, or knead the soft tissue. Your therapist may also employ vibrating and hammering methods or walk on your back.
Chinese Massage and Its Benefits

Chinese massage could eliminate emotional stress layers which help in increasing motion range, decreasing pain, and breaking down any scar tissue. Some other benefits that you get to enjoy during your Chinese massage session are the following:

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Soothed sciatic and lower back pain
  • Renewed vigor, strength, and energy
  • Opened up frozen shoulders
  • Lowered blood pressure or hypertension
  • Increased immunity
  • Relieved symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
  • Healthier function of organs
  • Better sleep
  • Accelerated recovery from injuries and surgeries
  • Released buildups of lactic acid
  • Improved circulation and respiration
  • Release of hormones
Chinese Massage
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