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Cupping Therapy


CREATE SUCTION Go Deep to your Muscles & Body Knots



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  • By Using the SUCTION Force on the RIGHT MUSCLES
  • Go deep inside your TISSUES
  • Your body will feel PRETTY WARM after apping the CUPPING
  • Your body will feel RELIEVE after taking CUPPING off
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Ways in Which Cupping Therapy Can Make You Feel Relieved of Pain

For many centuries, cupping therapy has been considered as a type of alternative medicine famous in Middle Eastern, Chinese, and Egyptian cultures. This recently gained more attention after the 2016 Olympics when several athletes were seen having circular bruises covering their bodies. This sight made a lot of people scratch their heads and wonder what cupping therapy was really all about.

The latest research reveals that this ancient form of therapy significantly decreases pain. Cupping is acupuncture’s close cousin and this involves putting glass cups all over the body to form suction. Even though it may sound a bit odd, cupping is found to reduce chronic neck pain by the average of 45 percent among people in a study conducted by Germany’s University of Duisburg-Essen in 2011.

Why Cupping Works

Cupping uses suction that has the purpose of freeing up and balancing the flow of qi or the body’s life energy. This is also found to help improve circulation of blood.

How is Cupping Done?

The cupping practitioner might create suction through the use of flame for burning the oxygen from the glass cup before apply this cup on your skin. The practitioner may also place first the cup on the skin and then remove the air using a valve. Any bruises resulting from it will clear up in a matter of 5-10 days.

The cupping therapy in Footscray works through suctioning the client’s skin upwards away from muscular tissue and this could be left stationary on your skin or it can also be moved across different areas using lotion or other types of emollient.

The main goal of this particular technique is to encourage flow of blood to fatigued or injured muscles to speed up the body’s natural healing process. This increased flow of blood to the cupped spot will create what most people will considered as a bruise yet the truth is it pretty much resembles a hickey instead.

There are studies which suggest that cupping therapy can also play an important role in pain management yet the exact mechanism still requires further research and investigation. A possible scenario here is that the cupping therapy can affect the skin’s superficial cutaneous nerves and disrupts the signals of pain that go to the brain, which is the same when you accidentally bumped your elbow and then you reactively start to rub it to reduce the pain.

Who Benefits from Cupping Therapy?

Traditionally, practitioners have treated a lot of ailments with the help of cupping therapy. Others even use it together with acupuncture to address pain, sinus problems, colds, asthma, high blood pressure, irregular or painful periods, arthritis, hot flashes, and so much more.

Types of Cupping

Cupping therapies are available in different types which differ in terms of the practitioner’s goals and the treatment methods being used.

  • Dry Cupping – In this form of cupping, the therapist puts a cup on the surface of the skin using a pump. The cups used here are often made of plastic and are being removed with suction. The technique can draw the fluid and blood away from inflamed areas to bring them to the surface of the skin. This kind of cupping is not advisable to be done on skin parts with open wounds.Dry cupping is best done anytime. This treatment can last for 10 to 15 minutes. Several cups could be applied on the skin during cupping therapy. But, the practitioner must constantly observe the cups as he applies these on the skin. Careful observation is also required to avoid blistering the surface of the skin.Body parts which are painful and inflamed will benefit a lot from dry cupping. It is because it can ease congestion to allow better flow of blood in the body.
  • Moving – It is a form of cupping performed using lots of oil. The cupping therapist will apply oil to the parts that need a massage, frequently the client’s back. The cup is put on the skin using light tension. What makes it different from other forms of cupping therapy is the fact that the cup put on the skin could be moved by the therapist in circular or sliding movements. This form of cupping is best done any time for as long as the client wants.
Precautions to Take Before a Cupping Massage

If you have been contemplating about getting cupping massage either for aesthetic or medical concerns, among the foremost things you will probably think about is its safety factor. You will want to know if there are potential side effects, and if complications may develop after undergoing the treatment. However, rest assured that this form of healing is completely safe to use when performed by a certified practitioner. These expert therapists will follow the necessary precautions, which include checking with you for any contraindication and keeping the most sterile conditions when providing the therapy.

Contraindications for Cupping Massage

Contraindications for cupping massage are rather straightforward all in all. There are several considerations that all practitioners should address. Since a mechanical device is being used, there is a higher tendency to treat with more force. Having said this, it is a must to check with the client to gauge pressure. It must not be uncomfortable or painful. During the first time they receive cupping massage, there are clients who find it a bit strange to experience negative pressure. If pain is felt, this only means that some pressure must be released on the cups. If the pain doesn’t stop, the treatment should be put to a halt.

One more aspect that should be addressed is cupping massage’s lymphatic effect. When the client has a compromised immune system, the therapist will need to adjust the treatment to guarantee that they will not over tax it. During a cupping massage, it is also common for clients to feel a bit tired but in general, they will feel even more relaxed than before. There are also cultures in which a warm bath is often prescribed following a cupping massage. It is a must to ensure that the client keeps his or her body warm and covered.

Hydration is yet another consideration during a cupping massage. If you have dry skin, the cups might not be able to attach right away. Hydration is a very essential aspect of good health, and not hydrating properly can lead to many health concerns.

Things to Do Before Cupping Massage
  • Avoid eating for about 3 to 4 hours before your cupping massage. However, you shouldn’t be fasting for over 3 to 4 hours and you shouldn’t skip meals, either.
  • When you feel thirsty, you can drink a bit of water.
  • Clients are recommended to arrive at least 15 to 20 minutes before the schedule for filling out the forms and preparation.
  • If you have an illness or you’re taking a particular kind of medication, you should inform the service provider in advance.
  • You must provide your full medical history and any long term or recent illness.
  • You should inform your service provider if you’re allergic to anything, particularly alcohol, iodine, and latex.
  • Consult your doctor about cupping if you have some health conditions.
What You Should Do After Cupping Massage

The most typical misunderstanding about after effects of cupping massage is the marks that may result sometimes. When the injuries happen deep in your muscles, the bleeding frequently occurs, which causes what looks like some deep bruises.

The formed vacuum by cupping massage draws up an non-circulating and old stagnant blood as well as sticky fluids from the area, which brings these up to the body surface and away from injuries so that healthy circulation could be restored to the affected areas, making space for oxygen, nutrients for quicker recovery, and living cells. Where there’s static blood, dead, cellular debris, lymph, toxins, and pathogenic factors present in the body, cupping massage may leave marks that indicate disease or stagnation that was moved from the surface’s deeper tissue layers, which it may be flushed out much easier.

After cupping massage treatment, it isn’t uncommon to experience sore skin that looks like bruises. It’s both a wanted and expected effect of the massage. The pattern and color of the marks may depend on the stagnation level in the area. If the marks appear, they may range from bright red to purple, typically lasting three days to one week. There are times that it is longer if the individual is very sedentary or sick.

While marks may look painful, they are not really. If there’s no stagnation existed, there would be a pink mark, which disappears in several minutes to 2 hours. Body areas where there’s old injury or trauma may require lots of cupping treatments to get rid of stagnation. You’ll find in the follow-up treatments, which marks will be lighter visibly as pathogens are removed systemically from the body.

Take note to drink lots of water after your cupping massage session to help flush toxins that are lifted from the muscles. You should also avoid hot bath or shower, sauna, hot tub, heavy or excessive exercise, and so much more.

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