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Foot Massage
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Client-specific Effective Foot Massage

For centuries, foot massage is one of the types of massage that has been practiced in numerous cultures to promote well-being and health. As of now, massage is considered as an alternative and complementary medicine used by many people to reduce anxiety and stress, relieve pain, boost general health, and rehabilitate injuries.The practice of foot massage in Footscray basically involves applying pressure to particular points on your feet to affect other body parts. So, once you head to Calm Home Spa for a foot massage session, expect that your feet won’t be the only one that will reap the perks.

Foot Massage
How Can You Benefit from Our Foot Massage?
  • Improved Cleansing and Circulation
    The blood that circulates in the body is responsible for transporting nutrition and oxygen to the cells of the body. Also, the blood cleanses toxins and waste from the body. Since blood flow becomes limited once the stress is present, foot massage is advantageous as it reduces stress and enables the flow of blood circulation unimpeded.
  • Relaxation and Tranquility
    Foot massage in Footscray can bring about a state of relaxation and alleviate anxiety. An essential point that’s situated on both feet is referred to as solar plexus reflex. Solar plexus is like a warehouse where stress is stored. Once the solar plexus point was pressed on, the body is renewed as your stress will be released.
  • Harmony and Balance
    Homeostasis is when all the systems of the body are working in harmony with each other to bring a state of balance. Our foot massage service can encourage homeostasis for you to achieve good health.
  • Improved Immunity
    Stimulation of the reflexes in your feet through massage is actually done to bring about healing and relaxation. Relax your body through foot massage as it can prevent the negative effects of stress from taking a toll on one’s body. Through availing our foot massage in Footscray on a regular basis, it can protect you from various diseases that are related to too much stress.
  • Rejuvenation and Energy
    Foot massage is also restorative in a way that it gives you more energy. Once your foot is palpated and rubbed, all the foot massage elements come together to bring energy to the body. What makes food massage great is that it releases blockages that could hold back energy that must be flowing through your body freely.
  • Better Sleep
    Because of the different stress relieving benefits of foot massage in Footscray, it has been shown to improve sleep and enable relaxation in patients who find it hard to rest otherwise. It also includes people who are under chronic stress and struggle with insomnia. This kind of massage has also shown to improve the rest of those who are undergoing chemotherapy. New parents will be pleased as well to know that some foot massage techniques can work on newborns.
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