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Swedish Massage
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Reduce Stress with Relaxing Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is actually a basic massage technique where therapist makes use of lotion or oil to apply pressure on several body parts through a particular number of basic strokes. The applied pressure ranges from light to medium pressure. The specificity and sequence of the strokes will depend on various clients. The broad generalized strokes are actually transitioned to more focused and specific strokes to target some problem areas.

Swedish Massage
How Swedish Massage is Done?

Swedish Massage Therapy Melbourne is actually initiated with broad strokes that are then changed to particular strokes ending with broader connecting strokes. This massage also makes use of 5 various kinds of stroke techniques that comprise of petrissage, effleurage, vibration, tapotement, and friction.

  • Petrissage – It’s a technique that uses rolling, lifting, wringing, and kneading, enabling the wound up and knotted muscles to relax. It releases soft tissues, improves blood circulation, and stimulates nerve endings. This technique is also advantageous in cell repair as well as regenerates damaged cells.
  • Effleurage – This is a stroke technique that consists of sweeping and long gliding strokes massages with the hands through the use of open palms, forearms, and fists. The lotion or oil is spread on the body with the use of such strokes. As strokes are applied with an increasing pressure, the muscles basically undergo stretching, which relaxes the client.
  • Vibration – Movements use are trembling, shaking, and rocking administered to the body or a certain limb. Movements are done rapidly or slowly and help echoing surrounding tissues. It helps in releasing tension from muscles on which the massage is provided.
  • Tapotement – It is a technique in which the hand is moved rhythmically to stimulate one’s muscles, nerves, and improve blood circulation.
  • Friction – It’s a stroke that aims to generate heat and comes with therapeutic healing properties. It prepares tissues for deep penetration of natural essential oils in body to improve their effect. This technique also uses either wringing or small circular motion or the oil will be rubbed on the skin back and forth and in elongated motion.
Swedish Massage 2
Advantages of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage in Richmond is definitely the perfect and best way to relax your stressed out mind and body. There are numerous benefits you can enjoy from this massage and these include the following:

  • Swedish massage improves and enhances immunity.
  • Swedish massage helps you enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Swedish massage provides you the energy you need to relax your body and experience stress relief.
  • People who suffer from any form of depression can benefit from Swedish massage.
  • The applied pressure during the session will relax your muscles and relieve the tension that built up in your body.
  • Swedish massage is a good way to de-stress from the troubles you experience in life daily.
  • Swedish massage is an ideal solution for those who suffer from debilitating disorder of joint causing pain.
  • Swedish massage flushes out the toxic waste from your body.
  • Those who suffer from muscular strain would benefit from Swedish massage.
  • It relaxes muscles and enhances the function of one’s lymph glands.
There are other benefits you can enjoy once you have decided to try Swedish massage. However, you have to remember that those advantages can only be experienced if you rely on the best massage therapists. At Calm Home Spa, you can be assured that Swedish massage will be done professionally.

Experience Swedish Massage at Calm Home Spa

Swedish massage doesn’t require special preparations before the session starts. At Calm Home Spa, the massage therapists recommend you to drink water right after the Swedish massage so that the body could flush out lactic acid that will be released during massage. There’s no discomfort or pain during the session, yet if you feel uncomfortable, you can always inform your therapist. Swedish massage is completely safe, effective, and natural way to release tension and stress from your body and muscles.

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