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Thai Massage


Stretch DEEP to your muscle & reduce Muscle Tight


Is THAI MASSAGE Stretching For You?

  • You want to look for an authentic massage session?
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  • Do you feel stress at work?
  • You may have back pain, muscle soreness but long time you did not come for a massage?
  • Your body feel tight?
  • Hard to sleep?
  • You want to reward for your body?


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Thai Massage

Healing Thai Massage by Expert Therapists

Nuat Thai, or Thai massage is a type of a hands-on and holistic method that heals the body, mind, and spirit in general. Other forms of massage like acupressure and shiatsu may also be added during a session of Thai massage. It is a therapeutic practice which usually combines different techniques to offer relaxation and restore the natural flow of energy in the body.

To establish a synergetic relationship between the client and practitioner, practitioners of Thai massage adjust touch based on the specific needs of the client. For instance, if the practitioner feels any knots in the client’s neck, or the muscles of the clients are almost like bricks, they could apply even more pressure or spend a longer time in stretching the muscles to relieve any feeling of discomfort.

Thai massage was originally called Thai yoga because of the assisted application of different yoga postures. This originated during 563 B.C. to 483 B.C in India. Thai massage’s roots are traced back to TCM or traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic teachings formed of ancient healing and health techniques, and Theravada Buddhism, a system based on the first teachings of Buddha.
What to Expect During Your Session of Thai Massage Docklands
By tradition, no balms or oils were being used during Thai massage sessions since the recipient keeps their clothes on throughout the practice. But these days, herbal poultices, including wraps and compresses made of different natural elements, as well as other contemporary applications like heat, scents, or music could be used to make the client feel relaxed before the massage. It is recommended to wear loose fitting clothes because of yogic movements done with the help of the practitioner.During your session of Thai massage in Docklands, the practitioner helps the body using fluid movements of yoga and stays connected to the client by touch all the time. Legs, arms, knees, hips, feet, and neck joints are stretched to release any blockages of energy. Acupressure points could be tapped together with the meridians of the body to release other restrictions of energy. These blockages or restrictions could be the result of damages because of knots, injuries, and tight muscles resulting from stress or other health concerns.

Thai Massage
Rocking movements may provide a nurturing and relaxing aura to the session. This kind of movement takes the body and mind back to the time where stress did not exist and when the world was still safe, which is helpful in enabling the mind-body-spirit system to let of anything that blocks the natural energy flow.Your personal experience as well as how you’ll feel at the completion of your session might depend on your physical and mental condition and openness to the process. To any bodywork session, an open might may let the body be more receptive to positive changes that the session can give. Visualizing positive results may encourage the spirit-body-mind system as a whole to release the blockages for peak experience during your 1st session.

Top Health Benefits of Thai massage Docklands
A session of Thai massage Docklands concentrates on loosening the joints as well as stretching ligaments, tissues, and muscles for increased energy and better blood flow. Unrestricted, better blood flow and more balanced system will support the body in many ways and these include the following:

  • Higher flexibility level can be achieved through this massage and increased flexibility can help reduce injuries from exercises and ensure better and healthier lifestyle.
  • Both type I and II diabetics require great circulation to help keep their bodies very healthy. Thai massage is a concrete advantage for anybody who is suffering from this illness.
  • Thai massage helps with one’s digestion.
  • The relaxation being provided by Thai massage can help in reducing blood pressure and can help in releasing lactic acid from the muscles so the body could facilitate healthier and richer blood floor that in turn could speed up the natural healing process of the body.
  • Blocked energy from injuries, stress or disease could manifest as fatigue, pain, anxiety, and depression. Unblocking the energy flow and keeping it that way could contribute to clearer mind, better mobility, and more energy to accomplish various activities you enjoy.
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