Myths on Men’s Skin Care and Why It is a Necessity
Myths on Men’s Skin Care and Why It is a Necessity

There are things that separate women and men. These include multi-tasking, irrational love of shoes, and child bearing ability. They also differ in terms of skin. The skin of men is oilier, more acidic, sixteen percent thicker, and it ages in various ways. Due to this, men postpone the process of aging a bit longer compared to women, yet once it happens, it will happen big time, which leaves men with craggy appearance and deeper wrinkles.

It won’t come as a huge surprise to you, which studies show that men want to avoid skin care, so fungal infections, bumps, and razor burn are rampant among the population of men. This means that women in their lives need to live with such conditions as well. The good news is that most problems can be treated successfully with the right items.

Other common skin care myths of men that get in the way of appropriate treatment include the following:

1. Real Men Do Not Use Sunscreen

Real Men Do Not Use Sunscreen

Truth: It is a bit silly since in a recent poll, sixty-five percent men utilize sunscreen when outdoors, yet only five percent use sunscreen every day.

2. You Cannot Do Anything about Razor Bumps, Shaving Irritation or Ingrown Hairs

Shaving Irritation or Ingrown Hairs

Truth: In a poll, ninety-seven percent of men shaved and seventy-eight percent stated that their skin might get irritated from shaving. In men with the tendency of ingrown hairs and razor bumps, the hairs are cut too short often during shaving and might curl back into the skin rather than growing out. Such ingrown hairs may cause pain, scarring, and unsightly bumps.

3. After Shaving, the Manly Products That Cause the Face to Sting are Great.

Face to Sting are Great

Truth: A stinging sensation from the skin care product means it’s irritating the skin and making it look worse. Never use any products that cause the skin to tingle or sting. Such products damage the skin and make it look a bit older. But rather, try another product to reduce skin inflammation and irritation as well as shaved skin.

4. Women and Men Are at Risk to Develop Skin Cancer

Women and Men Are at Risk to Develop Skin Cancer

Truth: Men also develop skin cancer like women. The fifth most common cancer is melanoma in men and the seventh most common when it comes to women. The high prevalence in men might be due to the reason that men spend more time under the sun, which often use less sunscreen and lose hair more than women, which leave more skin exposed to sun.

5. If You’re Washing Your Face a Lot, It’ll Dry Out and Won’t Look Very Oily.

Truth: Washing your face very often causes the skin glands to produce more oil to counter overly drying effects of all that washes you keep doing. Unexpected result from washing too much is oily skin. This is counter intuitive yet a fact.

6. Men Age Better

Men Age Better

Truth: While it is true that men postpone the process of aging longer than women, once it happens, it happens at accelerated pace with the deeper wrinkles. Men have become wisely been jumping on an anti-aging skincare in great numbers over the past several years. Everybody likes to look their best as long as they can and the anti-aging lifestyle is a great one to foster.

7. Never Use Lip Balm As It’ll be Habit-Forming and It’ll Dry Out Your Lips

Never Use Lip Balm

Truth: A persistent and old rumor recommends that lip balm meant to hydrate chapped and dry lips, robs the skin moisture of your lip, making this reliant on balm for hydration. There’s nothing habit-forming and physiologically dying regarding lip balms. Since lips are sensitive, they’re especially susceptible to chapping.

8. Wash Face with Bar Soap for Acne Prevention

Wash Face with Bar Soap for Acne Prevention

Truth: When you are washing your face, choose always a gentle cleanser that is made for particular skin type, whether you have oily skin or clear skin. Using the bar soap made for the body could dry out the skin as well as get rid of oils it requires. If you should use a bar soap, select the one that contains moisturizing agents like jojoba oil or vitamin E.

9. The Thicker Your Moisturizer, The Better This is For Your Skin

The Thicker Your Moisturizer, The Better This is For Your Skin

Truth: When it comes to reality, the heavy moisturizers may cause clogged pores or acne, so it is better to use something that is not very thick. Majority of people have suffered from over-imbibing during night time at some point, waking up with red puffy eyes and big circles. To avoid this and to ensure your skin is good, consider using men’s eye cream. This will help improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin that keeps under the eye bags at bay. For great results, you might want to try an eye cream that is suited for your needs.