Remedial Massage Therapy
Reduce The Pain of Post Hip Replacement Surgery With Remedial Massage

No wonder, surgery is the most sensitive part of any treatment and requires patients to stay careful and alert for a prolonged time period post the operation. The recovery time period post hip replacement surgery usually involves a lot of precautionary measures that will determine your health and mobility in the long run.

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, prevention of blood clots can ensure speedy recovery post your hip replacement surgery. While there are a lot of steps involved for a steady recovery, remedial massage therapy works like wonder during rehabilitation following a hip replacement.

3 Compelling Reasons Why Remedial Massage Therapy Is Effective

Hip replacement surgery is common among patients suffering from hip damage or degradation such as arthritis, age-related problems, osteoarthritis, and therefore, proper care needs to be taken for a speedy recovery. For patients undergoing hip replacement, rehabilitation post-surgery is the most difficult part of the process. Relaxation massage is an effective way to get rid of pain and discomfort post-surgery.

Effective Pain Management

Going through pain after hip replacement surgery is a common experience of most patients regardless of how major or minor the surgery is. Opting for relaxation massage post-surgery can reduce your pain and increase comfort and motion. Post hip replacement, many patients seem to experience skin tightening problems or contraction of muscles. Relaxation massage in Footscray involves the application of soft tissue techniques which can ease the tension in your tissues and other affected areas effectively.

Reduce Your Swelling

Swelling is a common phenomenon post-surgery and so you need to take necessary measures to prevent it. Post hip replacement surgery, our body gets heated up, which causes blood and other fluid to rush to the affected areas causing inflammation or swelling. Swelling is not only painful but can slow down your period of recovery. By applying unique pain healing techniques, the remedial masseuse can minimize swelling to a great extent.

Improve Lymphatic Movements

The reason why professional full body massage in South Yarra is high on trend is that it involves unique applications, techniques that ease pain in tense muscles, give ultimate comfort and peace of mind. Relaxation massage therapy involves specific movements that enhance blood circulation in the affected areas, which in turn improve lymph circulation. The purpose of the whole process is to ensure there is adequate oxygen and other essential nutrients to speed up the healing process.

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