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Stretching Massage – Calm Home Spa

Every time people hear of stretching, they often associate this with strenuous physical activities or workouts. However, did you know that adding stretching massage to your day to day routine offers numerous health benefits?

Aside from maintaining the overall health of your muscles, preventing injury, and reducing soreness, stretching massage can add more exciting benefits to your daily life.

Stress Prevention and Management

Stress can make your muscles contract and leave you feeling uncomfortable and tense. This tension doesn’t only affect your physical body but even your mental state. Engaging in stretching massage gives you some moments of reflection, releases endorphins, and loosens up those tight muscles so you can feel more relaxed. Getting a stretching massage before you sleep will also let you enjoy a more comfortable and restful sleep.

Increases Energy Levels

Stretching massage helps reduce muscle fatigue through making sure that enough energy flows through your blood, increasing your endurance as a result. Stretching also gives you an energy boost. So, if you are in a slump during mid-day, try to take a break and get stretching massage to kick start your day.

Helps Improve Posture

Tension and pain in the shoulder, lower back, and chest muscles can put all pressure on your spine’s alignment that can cause slouching or hunching. Every time you stretch, this helps your posture through relieving pains and aches and lengthening those tight muscles.

Helps Circulate Your Blood

Stretching can increase the flow of blood to muscles, making it ideal for overall health through promoting proper organ function and cell growth. Getting a stretching massage on a regular basis contributes to a more consistent and even level of blood pressure and lowers your heart rate.

Improves Flexibility

Flexibility is probably the most obvious advantage of stretching. A reliable stretching massage provider will help you improve not only your physical ability as far as your daily life, workouts, and sports are concerned. At the same time, this can also help reduce your chances of injury through improving your motion range and making your joints more flexible.

Whatever physical activity level you perform during daytime, you can add a range of stretches to your routine to enjoy these perks.
Stretching massage is an effective technique that plays an important role in flexibility training and strength training alike. Massage on a group of muscles or a particular muscle immediately before performing strength or stretching exercises for these muscles to relax the muscles, improve circulation, and increase blood flow. After intense muscle activities or overexertion, stretching massage can get rid of accumulated lactic acid, painful muscle cramps, and can relieve soreness after exercise.

Your massage therapist will be able to focus on the specific muscles to bring balance back to your body for your muscles to be properly aligned. Stretching massage reduces the potentials of muscle damage.

Before you engage in stretching massage, you might want to warm up those muscles to ensure that no muscle tearing will take place. Assistance from your massage therapist can also ensure that you don’t experience pain or overstretch.