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A lot of people believe that Thai massage’s health benefits include improving one’s athletic performance, boosting energy, and lowering stress.

When compared to other types of massage, Thai massage basically uses stretching techniques and gentle pressured to relax the body. It’s an ancient healing practice, which originated in Thailand centuries ago.

The technique that every Thai massage practitioner uses is very different from what people in Western countries might be accustomed to. In comparison to the techniques used for shiatsu or Swedish massage in which a person lies on the bed passively, the client will participate actively during the session.

Thai Massage and Its Amazing Health Benefits

Thai massage has a lot of health benefits. From relieving muscular tension to lowering stress, Thai massage can also increase one’s energy. Some of the amazing health benefits of Thai massage include the following:

Boosts One’s Energy

According to research, it was found that Thai massage may increase one’s physical energy levels. In a trial wherein the effects of Swedish and Thai massage in people experiencing fatigue, the results show that Thai massage can boost mental stimulation and energy. On the other hand, Swedish massage can improve sleep and relaxation.

Reduces Stress

Stress isn’t actually bad. More often than not, stress may act as a positive motivator, which helps push people to do better as well as accomplish more in their professional and personal lives. But, too much stress may affect physical and mental health. Long lasting or chronic, stress may result to serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease and depression.

Thai massage, unlike other types of massage, uses stretching techniques as well as gentle pressure to relax the body. It also reduces levels of a particular stress marker that is present in saliva. Thai massage is much effective in reducing stress in healthy individuals than resting.

Relieves Headaches

A particular type of Thai massage is known as court-type, which involves applying pressure to particular energy channels. In a study, it was found that court-type Thai massage is actually an effective treatment for those who have chronic tension headaches. They had low measures of tissue hardness that scientists measured with the use of a handheld device.

Improves One’s Range of Motion

Thai massage basically incorporates yoga-like stretches to improve circulation and reduce stress. The gentle, gradual stretching will improve one’s flexibility in the long run, enabling a great range of motion. Thai massage can also enhance the fluid’s circulation in the joints. This may improve the ranger of motion and joint mobility.

Stimulates Circulation

Generally, Thai massage can promote the circulation of both lymph and blood through using gentle stretches. Such yoga-like stretches increase blood circulation that fills the tissues of the body with oxygen. It helps promote heart health and cell growth. In a study that examined the perks of Thai foot massage in those who have peripheral neuropathy, a typical complication of diabetes. Researchers found that the massage can help boost one’s balance. They think that it’s due to improved blood circulation that stimulates somatosensory system, which plays an important role when it comes to balance.