The Difference between Thai Massage and Deep Tissue Massage and the Benefits

Massage therapies are available in different methodologies, patterns, shapes and sizes, with each one of them offering its own set of advantages. A specific type may work in improving circulation in the body, while another is ideal for stress relief, and another is best for muscle tone. At the end of the day, what matters the most is your particular problem as it will determine the specific therapy that can work best for you. Deep tissue massage and Thai massage are two forms of massage therapies that are popular these days because of their undeniable effectiveness.

Thai Massage and Its Benefits

thai massage and its benefits

Thai massage is an excellent ancient art of therapy which traces its roots back to the time of Buddha. It involves stretching and deep massage to align a person’s energy to a certain outlet. It is also referred to as Thai yoga massage since most of the stretches involved resemble those of yoga stretches wherein the knees, hands, feet, and legs are used to improve muscle movement, boost circulation, and mobilize joints.

Another technique being used in many spas that offer Thai massage is acupressure. It is a technique that is extremely relaxing and energizing at the same time. It uses various methods to achieve flexibility, oxygenate the blood, calm the mind, and massage the internal organs to offer most of the benefits of yoga combined with the perks of classical massage therapy.

thai massage is acupressure

Thai massage offers a range of benefits for a person. It makes use of gentle pressure on the energy lines and stretching similar to yoga to relax the entire body on a much deeper level. Such deeper relaxation level through Thai massage in Docklands can improve the personal outlook of the person as well as his or her emotional status. It has been revealed that deep relaxation can promote a deeper and more restorative sleep every night, too. With this deeper sleep, the body gets to heal itself physically so you can feel refreshed the next morning when you wake up.

Thai massage can also help reduce the stress levels of a person and enhance circulation as a whole. It is achieved through the gradual movement of the individual through various yoga-like positions. It enhances the person’s flexibility for the better range of motion. The flexibility and improved range of motion can reduce muscle strain and stress, and help prevent fall and trip accidents.

flexibility and improved range of motion can reduce muscle strain and stress

Slow movements in Thai massage also let the spirit and the mind to slow down and indulge in a real sense of relaxation. It focuses on the person and keeps the stressors from affecting the person excessively. It also helps balance blood pressure. Later in life, these stressors can lead to heart issues. When you center yourself and lower your reaction to different stressors, you can also reduce the risks of heart issues.

Deep Tissue Massage and Its Benefits

deep tissue massage and its benefits

Deep tissue massage is another type of massage explicitly focusing on the deeper connective tissues of the fascia and muscle. Instead of merging numerous effective therapies into a single treatment like in Thai massage, a deep tissue massage does a single job, and it does it exceptionally well. This is the reason why this is considered as a very focused and specific treatment. This makes the use of various techniques from Swedish massage yet in general, and this is intense as far as the pressure used is concerned. Rather than just being a primary relaxing therapy, a deep tissue massage is meant to work in a more targeted way against the adhesions or the knots of muscle tension.

If a person is experiencing a constant tension, sustained injury, or stiffness to their ligaments, tendons, and muscles, these can form the band of stiff and rigid tissues known as adhesions, or colloquially referred to as knots. While a majority of these adhesions are mainly minor, the extreme cases can limit flexibility and movement, block circulation, and can also be very painful. Usually, the only way to solve these adhesions is with the help of deep tissue massage treatments.

Stiffness, tension, and adhesions can all be associated with several chronic conditions, with patients finding the relief they need from deep tissue massage in Richmond. This form of therapy can work wonders for healing and treat tendonitis, chronic muscle pain, and pain caused by arthritis as well as for rehabilitation from injury. The issues that deep tissue massage focuses on managing include the following:

• Tension or spasms in the muscle
• Lack of mobility and limited movement in muscles and joints
• Injury recovery from falls, sports injuries, and others
• Chronic pain at the slightest movements
• Injuries caused by repetitive strain such as carpal tunnel syndrome
• Pain because of osteoarthritis
• Issues with posture
• Fibromyalgia

Thai massage and deep tissue massage both have specific applications, and each of them has its own range of benefits. The best thing you can do is to visit a reliable quality spa for the most effective deep tissue massage and Thai massage to know which of these two suits your needs best for you to come up with a wise decision.