4 Hands Massage
The Power of 4 Hands Massage-Compelling Reasons to Give a Try!

Massage therapies are known to offer a plethora of health benefits since decades and a hand massage is no exception. Having your body gently massaged by four hands can ease sore muscles, reduce chronic pain and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Stress and tight work schedules create adverse effects on muscles and affect your blood circulation system, lymphatic movements and brain functions. At a certain point of time, your body breaks down and give you recurring troubles of chronic back pain, sleeping disorders, muscle tension and other health disorders. Four hands massage once a week by certified and trained masseuse can alleviate your stress and refresh your body.

What’s the Speciality of a Four Hands Massage?

As the name implies, 4 hands massage in Melbourne involve participation of two masseuses who work on your body at the same time. It doubles up your relaxation and pleasure as they address each pressure point with simultaneous movements. The intensity of pressure exerted is equal on both sides which offer a more balanced and relaxing massage experience.

Impressive Benefits of Four Hands Massage You Can’t Afford to Miss

This unique massage near Brimbank offers a plethora of benefits to clients of all age groups. Whether you are suffering from arthritis, sleeping disorders, lymphatic disorders or anxiety, the benefits of four hands massage can’t be undermined.

Improved Relaxation and Comfort

Getting utmost relaxation is the primary objective of undergoing any massage therapy. Compared to a two-hands massage, 4 hands massage in Melbourne offer added comfort and relaxation and helps in alleviating stress and anxiety to a great extent. The gentle touch soothes your sore muscles and reduces muscle pain. The simultaneous movements of four hands help you feel comfortable from deep within the tissues and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

More Intense and Soothing

While undergoing four hands massage treatment, two masseuses work on specific areas of your body at the same time to provide you with a balanced and unmatched experience. While other massage therapies address specific issues of your body, four hands massage address all problems at one go and offer you a timeless massage experience. The expert touch coupled with gentleness and care compels your mind to surrender to concentration and reap pleasure and utmost satisfaction at every stage.

Acts as Perfect Stress Busters

Regular work stress and routine activities make life monotonous and call for massage therapy during weekends. You should take a break from your scheduled routine and get some mental relief. And what’s the best way other than undergoing four hands massage? Yes, you read it right! At your first appointment, you can expect instant relief from sore muscles, decreased cortisol levels, reduced stress hormones and improved relaxation. The active participation of two masseuses in one session helps you achieve top-notch comfort at each stage of your massage session.

The power of four hands massage can’t be denied. If you want to improve flexibility, blood circulation, lymphatic movements and get permanent relief from stress and anxiety, four hands massage session is what you should book right away!

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