Top Aftercare Tips for Full Body Waxing

Calm Home Spa tailors waxing treatments that suit one’s hair and skin type. If you have undergone full body waxing, it is important to note that there are common reactions that you will experience. However, there are some aftercare tips that you should not neglect as they can make your waxing experience much better.

The following reactions are common and completely normal and temporary reactions after full body waxing treatments. Any symptoms must subside within a day or two.

  • Redness
  • Small bumps
  • Slight soreness
  • Once you experience persistent redness and soreness, don’t hesitate to contact Calm Home Spa.

full body waxing

Just keep the waxed areas clean and avoid friction and heat during the next day. It means that you should do the following:

  • Heat reaction might be seen on your skin for a few hours after treatment, and it’s normal. It’ll differ from the mild redness to stronger skin reaction, and several people will have red dots on their waxed body.
  • Dry brush the waxed area several times a week. Consider getting a brush that you’d scrub your back with manufactured from bristle and wood. If rashes or spots persist for more than several days, consult with the professionals at Calm Home Spa.
  • Avoid too much heat in a day, and it includes hot showers or baths, saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzi as it could aggravate the skin and lead the pores to open. You might also pick up an infection from the public places.
  • UV light exposure including sunbathing and sunbeds should be avoided for a day following treatment because burning may happen.
  • No heat or massage treatment for a day.
  • Avoid fake tan for a day.
  • Never go swimming in the chlorinated pools.
  • Deodorants or anything that’s perfumed must not be applied to the waxed area for a day or two as it could make the waxed area very sore.
  • Tight clothing must be avoided after full body waxing treatments for a day or two because it could aggravate the waxed area.
  • Waxing gets rid of the dead skin so your skin might be a bit lighter after full body waxing, yet the color of your skin will return to its normal form in just a few hours.

If the aftercare tips given are followed, your skin will return to normal in just a day. Once the reaction is present or worsens, it might be because you’ve had an allergic reaction to full body waxing and you must look for medical advice from the pros.

Preventing Ingrown Hair

preventing ingrown hair

Basically, ingrown hairs happen once new hair cannot break through the skin surface and curls back into your pores instead, which result in spots. Waxing and shaving can frequently exacerbate the situation, yet there are some things that you could do. Starting several days after appointment, dry brush the skin two or three times every week can make a difference. You may also consider using a gentle exfoliator.

Other Facts You Should Know

other facts you should know

You might notice regrowth after one week. It might take up to four treatments for the hair to get on growth cycle, which provides you with the best results. Hair also has to be at least ½ centimeter long before full body waxing should remove it.

If you’re new to waxing, you might have hairs that are very short to be waxed, making other hair growth that would be out of sync with the waxing cycle you have. You also need to wait for your hair to be long enough to get the best results from full body waxing and continue maintaining regular four-week waxing cycle to avoid second hair growth.

Folliculitis is actually the name of the group of the skin conditions that there are inflamed hair follicles. The results are tendered spot, frequently with a surface pustule. It is due to eliminating hair from the follicles and leaves reactions to the hair shaft and pour. It may reoccur once the hair grows. It might be deep or superficial. Folliculitis could affect anywhere as long as there are hairs such as bikini, legs, arms, buttocks, back, and chest.

It is recommended to use ingrown hair products and ensure that you use pH balanced body wash and thoroughly wash it after waxing. If you’re suffering from foliculis, it is recommended that you visit healthcare experts for advice. It is also important to note that you should ask for specific aftercare suited the type of skin you have.

Let Calm Home Spa know about medical conditions or any allergies you have. The reason behind it is that waxing isn’t suitable if you’ve been using some specific skin products within the last several months. Medication like antibiotics, hormonal changes, illness, stress or some pills could affect the sensitivity of your skin.