hot stone massage
Warm Up Body in This Winter with Hot Stone Massage

As the cold winter season drags on, you can always use some new ways for warding off the harsh cold weather. This is the perfect season to try to combine the exceptional benefits of the usual massage therapy with the warmth of hot stone massage for a better healing experience that is relaxing and soothing at the same time.

Definition of Hot Stone Massage

definition of hot stone massage
Just as what its name suggests, hot stone massage makes use of heated stones for gently massage your muscles and relieving tension and stress. The soothing hot stones create powerful heat to help your muscles loosen up and relax. The gentle heat will not just warm up your body during a cold winter’s day because it has several amazing healing benefits as well.

Whether you wish to relax and take a break or you need to heal your sore and tired muscles, the use of hot stones for your next massage therapy can bring the much needed added rejuvenation and relaxation to both your body and mind.

As a form of natural therapy, hot stone massage is where warmed stones are placed on the parts of the body of the client to maximize their therapeutic benefit. The stones being used here are often river ricks or basalt-made stones with smooth surface. The stones get heated in the sanitizing water prior to use. The basalt’s high iron content makes it possible for the stones to retain the heat during massage. Hot stone massage offers benefits on physical and psychological levels alike.

Contrary to popular belief, using stones doesn’t hinder the massage therapist from performing certain therapeutic massage work throughout the session. Stones are used for warming up the soft tissues of the body to prepare them for deeper massage work. The stones can also serve as the extension of the hands of the therapist throughout the massage. It acts as a tool for the trigger point therapy as well as other techniques for pain relief.

The stones’ deep penetrating heat can unwind and relax the soft tissue down to the bones to allow easier release of bound up and tensed muscles. The stones’ heat is also perfect for achy feet, joint pain, sore muscles, and stiffness.

Hot Stone Massage Benefits

benefits of hot stone massage
Relief for strains and pains – The cold winter weather is often the culprit for many pains and aches. As most of you know, heat is a powerful tool to relieve soreness of the muscles. Heat can also encourage your tendons and muscles to relax, relieve stiffness, and increase flexibility.

Improved Circulation –

During winter, one common ailment is poor circulation because of the low temperatures and reduced physical activity. With no proper circulation, the muscles can get stiff with lactic acid building up. Hot stone massage therapy helps improve circulation through opening up the blood vessels to make it easier for nutrients and oxygen to reach the muscles. Better circulation helps in toxin release while supporting cell renewal and lymphatic drainage.

Reduced stress –

While hot stone massage has a lot of physical benefits, stress relief can also greatly benefit the body and mind at the same time. The heat’s relaxing power combined with traditional massage therapy results to a wonderful feeling of relaxation that can help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, relieve insomnia, reduce fatigue, and soothe depression symptoms.