hot oil massage
Warm Up Body with Hot Oil Massage

Moisturizing is one of the subtlest forms of kindness. Based on the ancient Ayurveda tradition, the practice of hot oil massage is regarded not just an act of love for at the same time, this is also considered as a tenet of good health. It is believed that applying lightly heated oils on the body lubricates the joints, counteracts dryness, sloughs off the skin, strengthens the muscles, nourishes the nerves, and reduces inflammation and pain.

Especially during colder seasons, there is nothing that beats how extremely good it feels to massage hot oil on parched and dry skin. The massage combined with the heat enhances the penetrating quality of the oil. The overall lubrication effect will balance and ground the body and mind alike. This is the best antidote to the exhausted appearance that many of you have almost considered like something normal when it is not.

Once performed on a regular basis, the cumulative effect of hot oil massage is to enhance circulation, digestion, and elimination. However, the purpose of oil application goes beyond simple functionality. The rubbing of oil on skin has a very profound nurturing quality.

If you wish to calm down your nerves, improve the radiance of your skin, and improve your overall health, here is how a hot oil massage warms up your body.

Creating a Calm and Soothing Environment

creating a calm and soothing environment
The very first step in a hot oil massage is creating a calming environment. The table massage is cleaned, candles can also be lighted, and flowers can also be used to add a touch of beauty to the massage experience.

Your Mindset Matters

your mindset matters

Before your hot oil massage, take time to quiet and ease your mind. Reach out to your source of awareness as it will let you pay attention to every stroke. Consider the massage as means to saturate yourself with care and love. The better you give your attention to each stroke, the results you enjoy will also be more powerful.

Choose Your Oil

There are several oils you can choose from. It is best to pick the highest quality of oil depending on your skin. Once you are done choosing the oil you want to use for your massage, this will be heated up until it becomes pleasantly warm.

When the weather becomes colder and your skin starts to become drier and duller than usual, indulging in a hot oil massage can do wonders. This is a relaxing and luxurious massage that will help bring significant changes to your body. This form of focused massage makes use of the special ingredient hot oil. During the process, you will be applied with the oil from your head to toe. The massage will then relieve and re-energize your tensed muscles in order to bring back the suppleness and flexibility of your body. Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy the exceptional warmth of hot oil massage. Make sure that you book your appointment right away and have a relaxing experience like no other!