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Feel Comfortable and Confident with a Smooth Skin & Hairless


Is WAXING For You?

  • You look so “COOL” BUT…
  • Feel ITCHY really much at ALL TIME…
  • SELF SHAVING make hair grow THICKER?
  • Looking for a QUICK WAY to go HAIRLESS?
  • HAIR REMOVAL LAZER did not work on you?
  • Want to SHOW OFF Your MUSCLES today?
  • Want to stay CLEAN?
  • Want to go HAIRLESS quickly?


  • Imagine your body will be CLEAN and SMOOTH.
  • Imagine how CONFIDENT you are in this DATING?


Lady’s Waxing Price List:

Waxing Area Price
Face Wax From $29
Eyebrows From $15
Chin From $10
Sides From $15
Upper Lip From $5
Upper Half Arms From $29
Under Half Arms From $29
Full Arms From $39
Under Arms From $20
Bikini Line From $29
Semi Brazilian (Create Shapes) From $49
Full Brazilian $59 (was $65)
Upper Half Legs From $40
Lower Half Legs From $35
¾ Legs From $50
Full Legs to jock line From $65
Full Body no Brazilian (Beach Girls) (Best Deal) $119 (was $149)
Full Body including Brazilian (Hollywood Girls) (Best Deal) $149 (was $179)

Gentlemen’s Waxing Price List:

Waxing Area Price
Cheek From $15
Eyebrows From $19
Upper Half Arms From $29
Under Half Arms From $29
Full Arms From $49
Under Arms From $25
Chest and stomach From $45
Back and shoulders From $49
Butt and inner From $35
Semi Brazilian (Create Shapes) From $55
Sack (New) From $49
Shaft (New) From $49
Full Brazilian From $65
Half Legs From $35
Upper half legs to Jock line From $45
Full Legs to Jock line From $65
Full body no Brazilian $219 (was $249)
Full body including Brazilian $239 (was $289)

Go Hairless, Relax, Rejuvenate!
Book our Professional Waxing Therapists
@ $65 Only
Book 60 Minutes Session & Include 10 Minutes FREE 4 Hot Stone Massage
@ $65 Only
Book MALE Butt and inner @ JUST $35
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    Waxing Deals Image
    Back and shoulders + Chest Stomach + Full Brazilian

    [115 Mins – $139 (was $159) – Saved $20]

    Back and shoulders + Chest Stomach + Full Arms (include Under Arms)

    [115 Mins – $139 (was $168) – Saved $29]

    Back and shoulders + Butt & Inner + Full Brazilian (Back, Bum, Crack & Brazilian) (Most Popular)

    [100 Mins – $119 (was $149) – Saved $30]

    Back and shoulders + Butt & Inner + Sack (Back, Bum, Crack & Sack)

    [90 Mins – $109 (was $133) – Saved $24]

    Back and shoulders + Butt & Inner + Shaft

    [90 Mins – $109 (was $133) – Saved $24]

    Back and shoulders + Butt & Inner + 30 Mins Massage

    [100 Mins – $109 (was $124) – Saved $15]

    Back and shoulders + Butt & Inner + 60 Mins Massage

    [130 Mins – $139 (was $149) – Saved $10]

    Brazilian + Butt & Inner + 30 Mins Massage (Most Popular)

    [85 Mins – $119 (was $140) – Saved $21]

    Brazilian + Butt & Inner + 60 Mins Massage (Most Popular)

    [115 Mins – $139 (was $165) – Saved $26]


    Hollywood Deals Image
    Hollywood Full body (Go Bald Everything) (Most Popular)

    [220 Mins – $239 (was $289) – Saved $50]

    Stay away from Itching, Trending Full body (No Arms + Brazilian) (New)

    [190 Mins – $219 (was $249) – Saved $30]

    Summer guys, Smooth Full body (Arms + No Brazilian) (New)

    [190 Mins – $219 (was $249) – Saved $30]

    Passion Full body, Countryside guys (No Arms + No Brazilian) (New)

    [160 Mins – $179 (was $194) – Saved $15]

    Body Waxing – Standard Hair Removal

    Different from shaving, waxing gets rid of the entire hair at its follicle. Through constant waxing, it takes as much as four weeks for the hair follicle to grow back. Once it grows back, the hair is going to appear relatively thinner. Some other notable benefits reduction in occurrence of the ingrown hairs, slowed down growth of hair, and elimination of stubble.

    What to Do to Get the Best Results After Waxing Service
    • Make sure you exfoliate 24 up to 48 hours following your waxing session for you to avoid dead skin cells build up that can lead to ingrown hairs.
    • Avoid sunbathing within 24 hours.
    • Stay away from scented perfumes and lotions and products containing Alpha Hydroxy for 48 hours.
    • Bikini waxing tends to produce an appearance similar to hive which can last for 24 hours although it is not likely.
    • Use the suggested product for your skin to stay looking supple and smooth.
    What Happens During Your Waxing Service Appointment?

    As the client, you will be signing the waiver of liability that will detail all the facts involved in the waxing procedure. In case you will be undergoing a bikini wax, there are several options that will be offered to you:

    • Go nude
    • Wear disposable panty
    • Keep your panties on.

    The waxing expert is going to cleanse the spot with the use of a specially formulated pre-cleansing lotion. She will then identify the best wax that will ideally suit your specific skin type. It could be either a strip wax or hard wax.

    Your waxing service appointment can last from around 15 minutes to as much as 1 hour which depends on the area. The site being waxed is going to be gotten rid of excess wax and cool it down with the use of aloe gel.

    How Should You Prepare for Your Waxing Appointment?

    In case you are seriously worried or concerned regarding the pain factor, there are several helpful hints you can keep in mind:

    • You can take pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil half an hour before your appointment.
    • You can also take an antacid 10 to 20 minutes before the waxing service. The antacid will be able to decrease the acid in your system which will then reduce sensitivity.
    • It is ideal for clients to have no or little caffeine in their systems because caffeine will only heighten sensitivity.
    • You can ask your aesthetician regarding the numbing event which can be applied on the skin before the treatment.
    • It is not recommended to undergo waxing when you have your menstrual cycle. During this cycle, your body tends to be more sensitive because of hormonal changes which can make the treatment feel more painful.
    • Make sure that you don’t go sunbathing 48 hours before the hair removal.
    • The hair should at a minimum of ¼ of one inch or with an outgrowth of 3 weeks for a successful removal.
    • Gently exfoliate or use a loofah on your bikini area before the appointment.
    • See to it you come to the appointment freshly showered and free of all lotions and oils.
    Definition of Terms
    Full Brazilian

    Full Brazilian wax is a fast and convenient way for the safe and efficient removal of unwanted coarse pubic hair. A full Brazilian wax is a very intrepid type of hair removal which gets less painful and easier to understand over time.

    A full Brazilian wax removes all of the unwanted hair but this is semi permanent. Take note that Brazilian wax is completely different from the standard bikini, American, or French wax since all the hair from genital and perineum is usually removed.

    Semi Brazilian

    With semi Brazilian wax, you can choose to have some hair left and formed in the specific type you want. There are also some people who are not comfortable to get rid of all their hair in the body, and in these cases, a semi Brazilian is the best option.

    Butt and Inner

    Butt waxing is a service that only few know exists. We apply soft strip wax for the cheeks of your butt and for down the middle, we use hard wax. You may request to wax your butt cheeks only or you may also do full butt waxing service that includes butt crack and cheeks waxing.

    Full Legs/Jock Line

    If you want to make your leg or jock line looks flawless, our full leg or jock line waxing is suitable for you. We use quality waxing kit to ensure that your waxing experience is exceptional and outstanding compared to other waxing services in the market.

    Back and Shoulders

    The process starts getting rid of the hair on the central line, which grows down the spine to the waits. We find it simpler to do it with the use of non-strip or hot wax. Whatever our client is most confident and comfortable. When waxing shoulders, we see to it that we go over the down and top to the clavical as it offers a natural line. We also asked our clients which parts of the shoulders should be waxed.

    Chest and Stomach

    Before waxing, we apply a skin cleanser and oil to the skin. After that, we start waxing through working down the chest’s center line to the naval and will remove against the direction of the hair upwards. That is why we check the hair growth pattern of our clients. Once we are done with waxing your chest and stomach, we offer aftercare treatments.


    There’s an effective way of shaping your eyebrows and it’s known as eyebrow waxing. We use quality manufactured wax and we apply on the eyebrows. Our professional waxing expert applies wax gently to give your eyebrows a different and enhanced look.


    Your underarm hair can be noticeable even when short, especially if you have darker hair growing underarm. If you’re bothered with it and want to get rid of your underarm hair in no time, consider our underarm waxing that’s available at affordable price!

    Full Arms

    Flaunt your flawless and hair-free arms with our super efficient, fast, and customized full arm waxing service based on your hair and skin type needs. We only use topnotch waxing products that are dermatologist-tested with effective and hypoallergenic ingredients that suit every hair and skin type need.

    Full Body No Brazilian

    It only includes full body waxing and does not have Brazilian waxing. If you want to combine both, we have another service for that.

    Full Body Including Brazilian

    If you have always wanted to get rid of all hair on your body, why not try our full body including Brazilian waxing service. There is a reason why Brazilian waxing is famous today. So, if you want to experience the perks of full body waxing in Brimbank including Brazilian waxing, Calm Home Spa is the best place!

    All of our waxing services are available at an affordable price. If you want to know more of our waxing services, don’t hesitate to call us. Calm Home Spa is always available to assist you with your concerns or questions!

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