benefits of getting a lomi lomi massage
What are the Benefits of Getting a Lomi Lomi Massage for Your Body?

Massage is now widely accepted as both an art and a science. This encompasses the skilful manipulation of body parts to improve blood circulation using innovative principles and techniques. There are a lot of developed massages today, all of which can bring rejuvenation to a person’s body and spirit alike.

One of the highly innovative massages these days is none other than Lomi Lomi massage, and this is being offered in different specialized establishments. It is a form of massage which involves stroking the forehead, back, feet, elbows, stomach, shoulders, and forearm with the use of numerous techniques exclusively to Lomi Lomi.

Lomi Lomi massage makes use of mild, continuous, and tender strokes which can relieve the body of stresses. The massage’s effects are further enhanced by the hula hula dance done besides the massage table. There is a belief that Lomi Lomi massage can work great with the tender touch of the person who gives the massage. It is also said to offer brand new vitality, freshness, relief, and vigour to the body.

Here are the top benefits you can expect to enjoy getting a Lomi Lomi massage.

Release Tension
release tension

The purpose of Lomi Lomi massage is to release the tension once the client lies on the massage table. Once the tension has been released, it is likely possible that you will get to renew your whole being once the massage session is completed. Every single day, you face myriads of trials which can affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Many people may assume that it is not that important to release tension, but it actually is. Doing so can contribute to the overall betterment of your wellbeing and health.

Enhanced Circulation
enhanced circulation

Lomi Lomi massage can also improve blood circulation. The different strokes performed by the therapist can definitely enhance the efficient blood flow and effective elimination of the body’s toxins. Bette oxygenation of tissues is also properly facilitated, and therefore, it leads to better body functions.

Eliminate Old Stress
eliminate old stress

You might be surprised to know, but your muscles can actually harbour your old stresses. These often accumulate, giving your body an extremely heavy feeling. When left untreated, these old stress points and tensions will develop diseases and more serious ailments which will cause you more worries. Lomi Lomi massage can eradicate these old tension points, thus making you feel so much better and more rejuvenated.

Improved Nutrition
improved nutrition

A good Lomi Lomi massage can result in better appetite, waste removal, and digestion. Once you improve your self-image, your appetite for better food will also be improved. You will also have more efficient digestion due to the facilitation of better circulation. Once digestion gets improved, the digestive tract will have a smoother flow which ends with a smooth elimination of your body’s waste materials.

Better State of Mind
better state of mind

After your Lomi Lomi massage session, you will become a better person in many ways. Your work will benefit a lot since your alertness, gusto, creativity, and motivation to succeed will be greatly improved once the massage is finished. It will rejuvenate not only your body. A Lomi Lomi massage can also greatly enhance your self-image which will lead to a renewed outlook on life.

Improved Physical State
improved physical state

Lomi Lomi massage offers great circulation which can result to better posture, glowing skin, better flexibility, and faster healing after a surgical procedure or injury. It will result to better functions of the body and improved health as a whole.

Increased Relaxation

After a Lomi Lomi massage session, you will be able to relax better. Your entire body will learn to stabilize its heart rate and blood pressure, and ultimately, it will give you better sleep every night. It will stimulate your body’s hormones which offer a soothing feeling in the same way that sleeping pills can give you.

Better Immunity
better immunity

Lomi Lomi massage can also greatly improve the condition of the immune system. It allows your body to fight off any diseases. Your body can easily identify dangerous foreign entities and makes you almost invincible.


Strokes used in Lomi Lomi massage improve the tone and circulation of your muscles. The result is that you will become stronger. You can also have better endurance in doing physically demanding activities like performing arts, sports, and even daily chores.


Finally, Lomi Lomi massage can also give your inner self the much-needed lift. It can eliminate fear, anxiety, and sadness. It can also increase the amount of love flowing through your veins that can make you do all the things you put your mind into.

These are just some of the many benefits that Lomi Lomi massage can give to your body. This is the perfect time for you to enjoy and indulge in this exceptional type of massage and change your life for the better.