Yoga Stretching
What is Yoga Stretching and Its Benefits

In spite of the recent boom in the industry, yoga is actually an ancient practice, which owes its roots to some Indian spiritual traditions. Yoga poses boost flexibility and strength levels through placing your body in some unusual positions for an extended period of time. Such poses are known as asanas, which focuses on particular body parts and frequently include meditating and breathing techniques. While several advanced stretches may be intimidating, never put off by the pictures of yogis in a contortionist position. Majority of the famous yoga stretches range from a newbie to moderate difficult levels and can be learned easily through the help of certified yoga instructors.

Mood Booster

It isn’t a surprise that taking a break to relax and stretch can help minimize your stress level. Even less than thirty minutes of yoga stretching as well as breathing exercises were linked to particular improvements in positive mood changes and energy levels. While some of benefits of yoga stretching might be linked to endorphins released during workout, controlled breathing methods that accompany yoga stretching help promote a meditative and relaxed mental state.

Increased Flexibility

One of the most obvious advantages of yoga stretching is improved flexibility. It helps enhance your range of motion in your ligaments and muscles, while minimizing your injury risk. Thanks to the sedentary lifestyle, a lot of adults are developing muscle and joint stiffness in early stages of life. It happens due to dehydration in the connective tissues. The lesser moisture you have in muscles, the easier it is for the fibers to adhere to one another, which makes you more prone and less supple to injury. Luckily, yoga stretching on a regular basis may help stimulate the production of tissue lubricants, which keep your muscles strong and flexible.

Strength Training

Contrary to the famous belief, yoga practices offer an intensive strength-training workout. Once you balance your body in various positions, the core muscles work in the long run to help stabilize your muscles. In addition to that, lots of poses transfer your whole body weight into the muscle groups not used traditionally for that purpose including shoulders or arms. When compared to some weightlifting exercises, yoga stretches help you develop lean muscles, which add strength without developing some bulk muscles.

Chronic Condition Management

Regular yoga practice may also help you reduce some risk factors that are related to particular chronic conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, and insomnia. Since yoga poses target various anatomical structures in one’s body, yoga stretches often offer some therapeutic secondary benefits, which can boost your health. For instance, the famous downward-facing dog yoga poses gives an intensive stretch for your calves, shoulders, and hamstrings while providing limited therapeutic benefits for conditions including high blood pressure, sciatica, asthma, and sinusitis.

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