What to Expect During Thai Massage Deer Park

As Thai massage becomes more and more popular in different parts of the world every year, many people started to wonder whether it is something they should try themselves. But, since it is different from other common and familiar forms of massage, a lot of people are not sure what to expect from a Thai massage Deer Park. If you are preparing for your first ever Thai massage, here are the things you have to look forward to.

Things to Expect


Traditionally, a massage therapist doesn’t use oil when performing a Thai massage that makes it different from other massages. This is because Thai massage isn’t based on skin to skin contact. However, Calm Home Spa uses some oil to make the experience better. Instead of stripping down, the client will stay fully clothed during the massage session. You will start not on your stomach but on your back. Even though there is some rolling of knots and kneading of muscles same as the work performed during Swedish massage, Thai massage is often called the lazy person’s yoga since this involves stretching similar to yoga.

Here, the therapist sets up poses with the patient lying still and pulls and pushes different limbs to release and stretch muscles. At different times throughout the massage, your massage therapist may push, pull, knead, or lightly walk on the client.

What to Wear


Since clothes are still worn during Thai massage session, the clothes you wear during your massage is really an essential consideration. Before anything else, you have to wear loose and comfortable clothes that will not restrict movements just like what you wear for your active, athletic activities. When you have them, flexible garments such as stretchy yoga attire can work well.

Benefits of Thai Massage


Thanks to those yoga-like stretches that your Thai massage therapist performs, the obvious advantages of getting a Thai massage include increased flexibility, reduced stress, and looser muscles. Increased energy is the least expectation of clients during a Thai massage. People have been considered to consider massage as a type of relaxing activity.

But, Thai massage is inspired by Ayurvedic medical practices. While the stretching and kneading of muscles can relax them, the main goal of the Thai massage therapist is to open up energy flow all over the body. Through unblocking channels as well as stimulating the uninhibited movement through lymphatic, circulatory, and nervous systems, Thai massage promotes better health in general and a ready to go and refreshed feeling.

What to Feel Afterward


With the help of a competent massage therapist, Thai massage leaves all your internal systems working and attuned together just like what your body intended before the day to day stresses in life intervened. You will expect to feel alert, rejuvenated, and lose that kind of feeling you would love to have before you go to an important job interview, meeting, or even a first date. Since Thai massage uses only the right amount and type of oil, going to any event after this treatment is easy and simple to do.

Our Thai massage in Deer Park is professional and pure traditional Thai massage. Our Thai massage is also available for those near Braybrook, Keilor East, St Albans, Albanvale, and Altona North. So, book an appointment with us today.