why brazilian waxing is better
Why Brazilian Waxing is Better?

Brazilian Reasons for Brazilian

Brazilian waxing is famous service, especially to women. The main reason why women consider this is because of hygienic or grooming reasons while others say it improves their sex life. But, no matter what the reasons are, Brazilian waxing is better than any temporary alternatives such as hair removal creams, epilation or shaving.

There are many reasons why you want to choose Brazilian waxing over other kinds of waxing and these include the following:

It won’t irritate the skin. You’ll feel less irritation compared to epilation and hair removal creams. When it comes to shaving, irritation comes after your hair grows.

Brazilian waxing makes your hair much thinner since the hair will be removed from its roots. With this, hair growth will become weaker and it means your hair will be sparser and finer.

Brazilian waxing last longer than some alternatives. In comparison to shaving, epilation or hair removal creams, hair will not grow easily and will leave you hair-free down under for a long period of time.

Brazilian waxing provides you smoother skin. If your hair is removed through waxing, it’s removed from the roots and this kind of exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells will make your skin smooth.

Brazilian Waxing – What Happens During the Session?

Before going on your appointment, see to it that your hair is short and you must be neat. Usually, the Esthetician uses gloves for hygienic purposes. They also avoid double-dipping the wooden stick that is used for applying wax. The applications foes from the front part to the back part. Typically, the Esthetician will ask for your assistance to stretch the skin.

The Esthetician applies talcum powder on the skin before the application. It keeps the hot wax from sticking to the skin so the removal is focused on the hair. Wax must be applied in the same way as the hair growth. Cloth strip is placed on the wax. If wax is cool enough, the strip can be pulled off, which will pull out the hair from its root. It will be repeated until all of the areas have no signs of hair. Any hair that wasn’t removed will be pulled using tweezers. Then, the Esthetician will apply the lotion on the skin to ease discomfort.

Brazilian waxing can be uncomfortable and painful, particularly for the first timers. However, once you’ve gone through several sessions, it will get better. To ease the pain, you may take ibuprofen before the appointment. Majority of experts also recommend that it’s best to have that done while you’re in the mid-cycle.

Although it’s possible to do Brazilian waxing at home, it’s always recommended to have professionals do it for you. Brazilian waxing experts of Calm Home Spa will surely provide you a great experience, regardless if it’s your first time or you’ve done it before.

If you want to try Brazilian waxing, check out Calm Home Spa and schedule your appointment now!