Deep Tissue Massage
Why Do People Get Stiffness After a Deep Tissue Massage

If by stiff, you mean that body part that received massage feels a bit puffy and tender when touched, then, you don’t have to worry as it is perfectly normal. It is considered common to experience mild pain and slight swelling after a deep tissue massage. It is what you call therapeutic inflammation. This takes place once new white blood cells come to the spot to get rid of nasty, dead, and old junk or waste products in the tissues.

Sadly, there are times when it can cause a bit of discomfort. However, if you will try to see it from a different perspective, it is good news that you can actually feel it. There are instances when muscles have been tight for the longest time that your brain has shut off any sensation to that spot. A good massage can reawaken the awareness of your brain of these tissues. This can cause lots of new working blood cells that will come and clean out all those things that have unnecessarily built up for so long.

After massage, a three-day pattern follows:

1st day – You get a deep tissue massage. Everything feels great and things loosened up even though it felt a bit painful but in a great way. You feel slightly loopy or a bit tired.

2nd day – The next morning, you feel like you were ran over by a truck last night. But, there is no truck, and the massage is to blame. You feel stiffness on those limbs which were worked on, and fullness or tightness in particular muscles that received some stroking. If this is the first time that you got a massage, or if you drink lots of alcohol or smoke cigarettes regularly, you might even feel a bit sick. You take a relaxing hot shower, apply ice on swollen spots, and drink lots of water.

3rd day – You’re feeling fantastic. The things and parts that hurt the day before now feel so much better. There is no more swelling, and the pain went away as well. You drank several gallons of water, and it made you feel like you can run a marathon. A range of motion is back in the body part that felt tight yesterday, letting you stretch it a bit further, and to your surprised, it even feels stronger than before. In case you have been experiencing a long term chronic problem, this might not be cured 100% but it must feel much better than how it was before the deep tissue massage.

If in case you have other feelings of discomfort, feel free to call your massage therapist if ever you are suffering from worrisome symptoms. If you had a full body massage, you can experience a lot of benefits and effects, and your particular dose of pain versus bliss will basically depend on your overall health, daily lifestyle, and the things you have put in your body. When you hire a well-informed and conscientious massage professional, she will know how to answer all your queries and will also help solve your problem.