why go for facial steaming near me
Why Go for Facial Steaming Near Me?

Steaming is a very vital step during facial as it helps supply more moisturizer in the process of cleansing, massage, and exfoliation. Steaming helps open up your pores to prepare it for acne extraction later on.

Here at Calm Home Spa, we offer a professional and expert facial service in Sunshine area near Braybrook, Keilor East, St Albans, Albanvale, West Footscray, and Maidstone.

After the extraction, we also perform high-frequency facial that helps prevent wounds from forming following the extraction process. High frequency also helps kill any bacteria on the skin. A facial massage will then be performed to improve the circulation of blood and lift up the skin on the face. A quality serum will be applied during Ultrasonic to help the serum get absorbed deeper into the skin instead of just sitting on top of it. Finally, your therapist will gently apply moisturizer for your skin to stay smooth and hydrated.

10 Benefits of Face Steaming

  • Opens Up Pores – Regular steaming can keep pores open and allow free flowing of natural oils. It helps prevent the buildup of grime or blockage.
  • Pushes dirt out – Sweat makes dirt wedge on the surface of your skin. There is no way you can get out this dirt no matter how hard you try. The steam lets you sweat as much as possible.
  • Makes You Appear Younger – Get some blood pump in your veins. This is the perfect way for you to take you back several years and make you look like a pink-cheeked teen all over again.
  • Loosens Blackheads – Do you find it hard to remove those awful blackheads that are not just painful but also stressful? Face steaming loosens those ugly blackheads to make them less painful and easier to release.
  • Removes Dead Skin – One of the main advantages of face steaming is the fact that this gives your skin an ability to make the most out of its anti-aging properties through removing dead skin. This dead skin can make you look tired and old so allow nature to make its magic by giving it some boost every now and then.
  • Prevents Pimples – If there is a big ugly pimple on your face, face steaming is the only best way to remove this pesky pimple right away. Steam your face for just 5 minutes, then chill out for 30 minutes or so then put an ice cube over a pimple. Steam brings out pus while ice soothes it and ensures that it wouldn’t look worse the following day.
  • Kills Bacteria – You might have no horrible cold but regular facial steaming can keep all those viruses away. Steam can kill bacteria and can release nasal congestion.
  • Relaxes You – If you are still not convinced that it is time to get facial steaming even after all these benefits, the last one is that facial steaming is downright relaxing.

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